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11-29-2017, 11:09 PM
Hello everyone.

I am new here. I started playing this game around 2 months ago. Somewhat frustrating experience but also enjoyable at the times. Overall, I like the game and I will get more involved on this forums so I could share some of my experiences/opinions based on this game and over 20 years in gaming as well.

My first thread concerns Warden and his gear, mostly longsword. Warden is one of the heroes I am using ( the others being Highlander, Lawbringer and PK) and I really feel that most of the available longswords are lacking in visual department. Not to criticize someones hard work, but my god, there are some really ugly looking longswords there. With a lot of gold and green? Rubies? Really?

Whike that may be how some like it, I strongly believe that Warden deserves to get 1-2 clean looking, history inspired longswords. With nice proportions and deep color.

You guys did an AMAZING job with Highlander. Dumaglass, Hardy, Defender as well as Highlands and Lowlands sets look great. Clean with a just right amount of detail and good colors.

PKs sword and daggers mostly look great as well, good job there.

I guess my question would be is there and possibly of rewarding Warden players with something simple yet elegant in longswords department? At least anytime soon?

You know, longer wooden hilt similar to defender or hardy hilt that Highlander is using with Dumaglass Guard and simple, clean looking blade that is somewhat thinner than usual Warden blades? Hell, even if you just combine defender or hardy hilt with Dumaglass guard and scale it down, I would be extremely grateful.

Also, Warden could use a simple plate armor. I remember concept art for Warden and there is one extremely good looking photo with Warden in a plated armor with simple longsword. That looked stunning!

That would be all for now. I am hoping that someone from the team will see this and maybe consider giving us older gamers something to look forward to. We like it simple, elegant and functional. Realistic as well.

Thank you guys