View Full Version : So Sick of Your Sorry Excuse for Developers ubiSOFT

11-29-2017, 04:14 PM
For F#CKS SAKE turn the f#cking team shuffle back on. Don't want to hear " I'll ask the devs".You said that 4 months ago and again 2 months ago. Don't want to hear " It's to hard" 6 months is MORE than enough f#cking time to implement WHAT WE ALREADY F#CKING HAD. I'm sure ANYONE that has played this has surely realised a lot of the F#CKING WORST MATCHMAKING IN GAMING HISTORY would be eased some what if there was A F#CKING TEAMSHUFFLE after the match.WHY IS THIS STILL THE ONLY GAME IN EXISTENCE WITHOUT IT. WHAT THE F#CK IS WRONG WITH THESE DEVELOPERS?????.ARE THEY LAZY OR JUST F#CKING STUPID!!! TURN. THE. F#CKING. TEAMSHUFFLE. ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-29-2017, 04:40 PM
I understand you may be frustrated, but lets keep the post as constructive as possible. We don't always get an immediate update on some of the questions around the community. If we don't have an update, that also doesn't mean it's being ignored or not in the works. I'm closing this now, but feel free to post any future thoughts in a more constructive post. If I come across any updates on the topic the details will be shared for everyone.