View Full Version : Things that I see which could use some change in FH

11-28-2017, 09:34 AM
Things that annoy me in FH. Not saying these need to be looked at or something, these are just my thoughts.

Revenge: “uhhhh why is revenge building in duel?” “Uuuhhh, this is an honorable 1v1 in Dominion, For Honor, why does that peacekeeper have revenge” “uuuhhhh, I thought revenge was supposed to help me fight against ganks, not slow me down”

Fighting high rep enemies as a new hero you just picked up: “oh man, I can’t wait to use this guy! Ohh man, that Gladiator sure does look scary in that shiny teal gear of his...” *5 minutes pass* “huh, well would you look at that. Barely scratched him and he ruined me in only 7 seconds.”

Fighting a Shaman: “Oh golly, that Shaman sure does look deadly, I hope her tracking doesn’t h- ah jeez, looks like it really did a number on m- well, now she pounced on me I gue- and now I’m dead. At least her diabolical side heavies weren’t used all that much. Better luck next time”

Fighting an Aramusha: “huh, fighting this guy as an assassin is really easy. This guy makes me a deflect god”

Playing any game mode whatsoever: “alright guys, let’s have a fun match. Hopefully, none of us lag out.” *entire lobby is replaced with bots* “well, you really can’t have everything in life. Just getting into the game was a lot to ask for, honestly.”