View Full Version : ****ing fix the game

11-27-2017, 07:48 AM
For Honor is honestly at its worst time it has ever been I cant even play dominion without fighting 3 shamans ****ing nerf her attacks she need an entire rework ive played all day today and ive only seen ONE ****ING NOBUSHI AND NOT A SINGLE HIGHLANDER that should tell you something. Its only shaman and aramusha because people have to play the most op heroes just to win a game. But if they do get nerfed then nobody will play as them because then they wouldnt be able to do good anymore because nobody can play heroes that actually take skill they can only play shaman who is clearly a fair hero right?

11-27-2017, 10:20 AM
It tells you that brand new heroes who came out only 2 weeks ago and just under a week ago for the general community are what everyone wants to play right now. In every single game when a DLC is released involving new playable characters, those characters are the most popular for a few weeks and then they all die down and pick ratio is more balanced out. Siege is a perfect example of this.
But guess what? Shaman is been nerfed, possibly as soon as next week. The devs are changing numbers on her, i don't have the exact changes, but I know some of her damage and range will be toned down.
I can top the scoreboard with or without Shaman at the end of matches, it doesn't effect me. Her kit does not need reworking, in fact all the other hero kits should be up to Shamans standard IMO. Ubi are doing the right thing in changing numbers and then making a decision based of those results.