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11-27-2017, 01:27 AM
I've been having a problem since around a week ago where in every dominion or tribute match I would lose connection and not be able to finish the game. No other game mode does this and it happens every single time. I've tried everything I can think of and I can't find anything about this on the internet. The time I lose connection is really inconstant too, it could be right when I start or near the end. Either way it's a really big problem and I would appreciate any help.

11-27-2017, 01:35 AM
Don't double post, this is pretty much an exact copy of your other thread.

To answer your question, it's most likely just the games fault. P2P really struggles to keep 4 people in a session at times, but in saying that your own Internet comes into play. Do people leave during these games? Do people join in the middle? All of those effect the connection.