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11-26-2017, 06:38 AM
Just to start out, AC4 is probably my favorite game that I own for my xbox across series. I love everything about it. That being said, after all the time I have put into this game I have a few end game suggestions. Now I know that these things will probably not be addressed due to the game being kinda old (not to mention I am not sure changes like these would even be possible), but the inner perfectionists in me pushes me to put my ideas out there regardless. My suggestions are below.
1. Captured Naval Forts: I absolutely love the forts feature in the game but can't help but be disappointed in that after I capture a fort and raise the black flag, it remains empty upon exploration. Now I am not asking for an army of pirates but a few being present throughout the fort (not just at the docks) would make it more believable and just be plain awesome.
2. Kenway's Fleet: A great feature of AC4 is being able to capture ships, crew them, and make them apart of your fleet. It is suggested in game that Kenway's fleet docks at the Great Iguana hideout. The problem is that in-game, no matter how many ships you capture and impress into your service, none ever show up at your base. Now I understand that the harbor isn't big enough to house the 15 ships in your fleet, but it still looks empty with only the jackdaw. i suggest that once you add your first ship to Kenway's fleet, a permanent schooner flying Kenway's flag is added to the Great Iguana's harbor on the doc adjacent to the jackdaw. It would improve the story's coherence and look bad**s.
3. Community Challenge Awards: I am a collector and so naturally I am annoyed when a certain pistol set (captain's wheellock pistols), and a certain figure head (impoluto's figurehead), are no longer available due to the discontinuation of community challenges which are necessary for obtaining said rewards. Now I admit I kinda dropped the ball and was a little late on getting around to these collectables, but I was taking my time enjoying the game. Anyways now there are impossible to obtain and and result in the incompletion of my pistol sets which is really annoying.
Once again I am a huge fan of this game and will continue to play it no matter what, I just thought I would throw this stuff out there.

12-06-2017, 06:37 AM
I also have an awesome idea for a DLC where we could actually refit and captain ships of all sizes and classes after we add them to our fleet.