View Full Version : players ignore objectives or conditions

11-26-2017, 01:17 AM
Vast majority of players tend to ignoring objectives or strategic play. For example, when the team is breaking or close to breaking, people just run to whatever comes to thier minds instead of gathering. Even if you re beyond respawning, no matter how many zones you cap, people just run off to cap a zone or fight minions. Or they choose to run off to fight 3 people at once.

Now on Tribute, players are completely oblivious to the state of the game. We have two flags and one minute on the timer left? three of them run off to capture the last flag, of course we lose.

No pinging, chatting or spamming GROUP UP will ever help it seems.

So, generally players are just action driven, forgetting about objectives or teamplay. An approach to that would be some more announcer feedback maybe? "your team is breaking, group up". Or some other motivation to encourage more teamplay in the form of renown? When breaking, double the renown gained when close to other teammates? Just quick things that come to mind.