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11-25-2017, 01:32 PM
My thoughts:

After playing Origins (which was an outstanding game!) definitely had to clean off the dust from the game that started it all. Currently playing through the games in a "historical" chronological order and I gotta say as much as I still love the original it would be so so cool to get a remake with some extra levels as Altair is still my favorite. He was the right amount of unlikable to be likable. (If that makes sense). A great anti-hero character. It would be cool to see a remake with better gameplay, extra missions, only maybe this time not that same ol' pickpocket/follow/listen in routine. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD can we please get the ******* CROSSBOW!

In addition to that I honestly feel like we need to go back to Connor (although I kinda liked him he's definitely not the fan favorite) and with the American Revolution and French Revolution being relatively near in the timeline I feel like why not put Arno and Connor in ONE GAME. A "buddy cop" assassin game with their egos and flaws clashing. One of the best characteristics Connor had going for him was the culture shock of leaving his idea of "home" and being thrown into the, for lack of a better term: "white man's land". Imagine how hard and a challenge of his character it would be to chase after his father's routes in London, REALLY leaving his homeland to follow some Templar lead. But maybe Arno is after a similar lead? I don't know - all I do know is you could make it VERY interesting working with these two characters who I feel like never really had a chance. If anyone has seen The Nice Guys, that's the kinda vibe I would love to see. **** it, make it a AC-Noir game. Why not mix the genre?

Finally -

We need more origin stories. Replaying ACII and I love the Shaun/Desmond convo involving Marco Polo and how codex pages possibly got to Europe. Between Origins and AC there is almost 12 hundred years between the two time periods FILLED with historical points to work off of. A game involving Marco Polo hiring an assassin to venture with him cross "worlds" would be interesting. Or even going back into the holy land with a game involving the creation of Masyaf? All I know is there were SIX statues with Altair under the Villa in AC2 and I wanna know about all of them!

So for anyone who reads any of this - these were my thoughts.
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11-27-2017, 09:18 AM
That idea about Connor following in his fathers steps to london is an awesome idea. You could have Arno there following of the footsteps of Haythems letters he may have acquired following elises journal. Then have them working together, meet Jennifer scott, but you'd have to keep low because london im pretty sure is still controlled by the templars until syndicate, so instead of trying to dominate the region like most AC games you actually have to work in the shadows more (if that makes sense)

I'd love it if they remastered Unity as well so its up to the standard of black flag and syndicate. Also if they expanded Unity, make the main story much longer and make it so you can play as both Elise and Arno like in Syndicate, have the story start when they much younger before they meet, following Arno growing up and elise till they come together then more till they reach the main story as we know it. When arno and elise are apart play there seperate lives then when they're together you can chose to play as either. Even change the ending where you can save elise if you play it right.

Playing through the roman empire would be fun, then the vikings for the 800, dont know what you could do in between the romans and vikings, pretty dark period