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11-24-2017, 04:19 PM
What are the things you love/hate about AC Origins?

For me, what I love about Origins is the setting. I absolutely adore it, Ubisoft should keep its games in ancient/medieval settings, next to the present, which I always loved. This setting lacked a bit in previous instalments since the death of Desmond. I think that if you have been a fan since the first AC game, you need the present setting. If the first AC game you've played was AC IV or the ones following that one, I can understand you don't like the present setting. But it's what connects all the games in the franchise and it's the whole point of the franchise. Do more with it, Ubisoft.
The exploration is great as well, the cities feel alive and the fantastic main AND side missions keep you hooked. I haven't felt like this about an AC game since Ezio.
They incorporated a lot of good things from The Witcher III as well, which is great. The question marks are a great addition!

What I absolutely hate about this game:
The combat system. It's great that it's less restricted, but damn. I hate the damage numbers, turned it off about one hour in the game. I want to feel like I am the character, not like I play a video game. Don't do this again, Ubisoft. The second thing I hate about the combat is that it lacks the fluency of previous instalments. Where as even the first AC game had great kill animations, this game has boring ones and it's waaaaaay to repetitive. I don't feel like a legendary warrior/assassin, I feel like a clumsy buffoon. I've completed about 60% of the map and the combat is the only thing that is keeping me from completing it 100%. It just doesn't feel welcoming.

Please Ubisoft, you've done great things with the franchise in Origins, but try to incorporate a more fluent design in the combat system in the next instalment.

What do you think about Origins?

11-26-2017, 04:24 AM
Only just brought it but have played AC since it first came out and already agree that the ancient Egypt setting is something I am really looking forward to getting into.

11-29-2017, 10:53 AM
Hello Ubisoft and Community. Here is my feedback for "Origins".

The game is awesome in the most areas and I have only wishes for some tweaks.

- It would be great if we could buy our own houses in the game
- It would be great when we can equip and fight with the "hidden blades" like in all other AC Games
- I would like to see rain in some areas of the open world.
- In new assassasins creed game I would like to get my own ship like in Black Flag and Rogue.
- It is a problem that we cant leaning behind a wall or corner
- Please add an option to disable possibility to spot/see frames of marked enemies trough walls and objectives. Especially on difficulty "hard".
- HUD options: Hod mode "minimal" is to heavy, we need More options for HUD, Mark enemies should be possible but not vissible trough walls. option for visible Weapon selection , option for visible damage, option for visible Level of the enemies, option for visible Discovery indicator
- I read that the developers want to focus on exploration of the open world in this game. So you deleted the mini map -> good desicion, but you need to change the map type in the game (In my opinion). The map is currently a real time satellite map, it would be better for immersion and exploration fun when the map is a map whitch was drew by hand. Like in the Witcher 3.