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11-24-2017, 04:17 AM
I've noticed I end up with plenty of tickets each day and I spend alot of coins for upgrades so I like how you can buy coins every day. How many coins is worth it to buy each day before the cost is too much? I've only been playing for less than a week so maybe someone who's been around longer will know if the need for coins gets worse as you go? Also I was wondering if legendary cards are ever sold in the PvP store for tickets? I've seen epics but no legendary. Thanks

Also curious how much you need the lower level upgrade items (feathers, arrowheads/candles, necklaces) compared to the higher ones as your cards reach higher levels. Is it different for everyone? Are rare upgrade materials always hardest to find? When these are available in the store is it a good idea to buy them and if so how much? Any advice on this would be appreciated

Hello...? Posted this 2 days ago... Nobody has any advice? This forum sucks lol

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Coins get scarce after a while, since later upgrades are expensive, so I usually buy a bunch of coins whenever it is reset. Cant tell if there is a "sweet spot" or not, depends if you have any cards you really want to upgrade and how many PvP tickets you have, and how many you want to keep in store in case something good shows up in the shop.

Same here, I dont think I ever saw a legendary in the stores. Only epics. Not sure if that's because they are never sold or if they are just too rare.

As for buying upgrade items... I usually buy 5 of the cheapest and 2 or 3 of the more expensive ones. As you level your cards up you will need a lot of upgrade items, including the rare ones.

As far as I know, the material cost of each upgrade is based on the rarity of the card and card level/upgrade number? As soon as you level up the card, the material cost goes down for the first upgrade, but once you start upgrading it ramps up and the higher the level of the card the more expensive it gets. Both in terms of upgrade items and coins...