View Full Version : Shamans healing abilities are broken and you all know it

11-23-2017, 03:25 AM
The shinobi has to build up 4 feats before he can heal on each hit he makes, The Shigoki takes damage if he misses his demon embrace and its slow as f**k. The shaman can do a lighting fast demon embrace with absolutely no repercussions and can do it over and over again until she lands it successfully. Its incredibly easy for her to land bleed on her opponents. Shamans blood trance behaves like a feat but it isnt. How is it fair that shinobi has to work up his healing feat when shaman gets hers out right, Oh thats right, its not. I've played countless brawls where the shaman heals herself back from no health, all the way back to full then goes and slaughters my teammate because she has so many options to regenerate her health, health on hit, health on bite, health on execution. this character is F**king broken and you all know it. None of the original assassins are equipped with unblockable attacks, orochi doesnt get bleed he only gets unblockables and super armor on his slow *** deflect. The other characters are getting eaten alive by the shaman, gladiator and arumashiwasitsname (should have just been called Ronin), literally, theyre all weak sauce in comparison. I've been playing this game since beta, I stopped playing for honor just to pull up ubisofts slow *** website to post this, if that isnt proof enough i dont know what is. Update the old characters, get rid of shamans stupid healing abilities that no other character has, also shamans ability to feint her pounces looks f**king stupid, she looks like she's having a mini seizure and, it shouldnt be physically possible anyway, get rid of that too. unless youre gonna let cent, or warlord or shinobi feint their unblockables too.

11-23-2017, 03:44 AM
I main Orochi, and when I see four Shamans on the other team I smile.
Because she's probably the easiest hero yet I've had to face.....

You either knew I was being sarcastic, or you thought I was a dillusional wetard, lol.

11-23-2017, 06:59 AM
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the health Shaman gets back during blood trance is actually minuscule. Removing it wouldn't effect her playstyle or kit hugely.
She gets a bar, give or take a little, of health back on bite. It looks like she gets less, or just about the same, health back on strike as a hero with body count on would killing minions. I have only ever done the "lightning fast demons Embrace over and over again" once, because every time I have missed it my opponent capitalises on it and punishes me. In saying that though, I do question why she was allowed a second chance, even a small one and wouldn't object if it was taken out.
I don't see how it is physically impossible to dash forward a little, pause and then dash again. I could probably do it if I tried.

Don't over exaggerate. I'm not denying her strength, and I believe she does need some tweaks, but every post is starting to seem over the top.