View Full Version : Guard Breaks need serious help

11-22-2017, 07:16 PM
Guard Breaks are really broken....sometimes i get guard broken instantly and sometimes from a long distance. and sometimes i cant counter them. but what i hate the most is that people can guard break you when you attacking.... ive had this happen many times where i CANNOT gb someone when there doing move but when i am they can gb me.,. also with my shove ability or shoulderbash, you know unblockable abilities that dont do damage. i always get guard broken during them and i find it very unfair that i cant counter them... this happens with my warden, lawbringer, conqueror, shaman a lot. and i often die because of this guard break that i cannot counter. please tell me if its lag, a problem, or just a punish, cuz if its a punish. its not very fair.