View Full Version : Season 4 - what I live about it

11-22-2017, 03:32 PM
Start with the most controversial stuff. I love both new heroes. Shaman, though her numbers are off, is a blast. Often even to fight against. She does not have a too bad cutscene, so you mostly are in control and if you loose - I do so often - it's because you did read her wrong. Shaman should really be the benchmark hero. Though that shouldn't save her from a number adjustment.
Aramusha is more traditional. easy to kill those days because all people are doing is going for light spam. He is fun to play though thanks to his feint game and players expecting light spam only.

The maps both are awesome, with market town being my new favourite. Thanks to tribute, we got matches with tactics and a pacing that hasn't been there in the past. It's a delight to play. And - weirdly - out of 8 reputation levels since the patch, I only got a single (!) Crash out of a game.
So overall, I really enjoy the new season right now.
Looking forward the double experience weekend.

Oh and if course if people are wondering: I will continue being a severe critic for everything I dislike. Because I always want this game to become better.
There is nothing wrong though in saying you enjoy something though. At least once in a while 🤣

11-22-2017, 03:43 PM
Shaman fun to play character with alot Of options but op and needs nerfs. Aramusha i awful design, we dont need more lightspam. Tribute fun new Game mode. Needs more teamwork then dominion. I like it. New Maps are cool to.