View Full Version : How can you help the Space Monkey Program ?

11-22-2017, 12:25 PM
Hi monkeys :)

Reading some help propositions posted here and there, I felt it could be a good thing to centralize presentations of our particular qualities that may be used by the production, so they wouldn't have to read all the topics to find out who could be good at doing this or that. Some kind of human resourcing if you will.

So... How old are you ? (it may help to quantify your experience)
How long had you been into videogaming ?
Where do you come from ? (as BGE2 is about cultural diversity it may help)
What are your qualities that may help the program ?
What are your useful centers of interest, your experiences and so on ?
What is your gaming platform (for PC users it may be good to detail a bit your computer specs - CPU, GPU, RAM, OS if you don't plan to change it during next 2 years... and if you do, come back to edit your description ;) ) ?

Answering each question is not mandatory but I guess it could be helpful.

Cheers !

11-22-2017, 01:43 PM
41 years old french guy, I love gaming a lot since an uncle offered me his Pong console in 1982. Then I've met the Amstrad CPC6128 and, some years later, had to program stuffs if I wanted to play on my Tandy 1000sx. I'm not into programing though, I just like understanding how things work. My passion about videogaming started to be really consistent thanks to the PS1. Since I'm a Playstation addict. ^^'

I played BGE1 off course, and really liked it.

I got Asperger syndrome with an heterogenetic high functioning IQ. It has drawbacks (I'm pretty bad at counting and some other stuffs) but also some advantages : I'm especially good at analyzing and organizing ideas, seeing details most people don't in a very exhaustive way, thinking "out of the box", and using linguistic (don't evaluate it by my messages here, english is not my mother tongue I'm just using it for fun and practicality, I'm way better with french).

I mostly can help on finding ideas and analyzing how much other's ones make sense. I can be good at brainstorming, script doctoring and other kind of logical consulting, or alpha/beta testing.

Because of my condition and the interest I got about it, I'm good at classic and exotic psychology. I am very into neurodiversity understanding witch could be an asset thinking about the impact of DNA manipulation on hybrid's psychological conditions. But also about psychological interactions between characters cause all my life I had to analyze people to understand their means as I mostly can't do it instinctively.

I'm also very interested since 20 years by Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, Taoism, Buddhist and Hinduist Tantrism.
But my main "excessive" center of interest is wildlife, and especially trees. I'm very fond of dendrology and forest ecology.

Playing on PS4 or PC that I wont change until it dies...
Dell Inspiron 15R
CPU : I7 3612QM
GPU : internal CPU graphics HD 2000 or AMD Radeon HD 7730M
RAM : 16 Go
OS : Windows 10 and Debian 9.2.1