View Full Version : Casual MMR and Support ignoring me.

11-22-2017, 02:35 AM
I really need the help of somebody with the Ubisoft community on this one.

I have comment on several threads about it, even opened my own. The casual matchmaking system released with Blood Orchid has me facing Diamonds and high platinums on a regular basis. Making every single game a crap show, where I am just getting steam rolled.

It is even making my friends not want to play with me. They are all in a similar skill bracket to myself. (~mid gold) And they are sick and tired of seeing diamonds. For some reason they are seeing a much more lenient match making than I am, and are losing their will to have me join them.

I have been going back and forth with a help ticket for almost a month on this, and support refuses to help me, they say "The only thing we can do to help you is forward your complaint to the development team". That is great and all, but it does nothing to resolve what is going on, right now. I just need somebody that will actually listen to me, and not read off of a script. Or condescend me when they do get off script.

Oh, and support has, in no uncertain terms, told me to go F myself. That is their resolution to my ticket... Telling me they will not respond to it anymore.