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11-21-2017, 05:00 PM
Hello Guys, so now season 4 started and we got Lvl 3 Bots.

First of all i want to say thank you Ubisoft, its a really good thing. When i play any gamemode pvp-based it isnt dramatical when a player leaves. So i dont have to be scared to lose only because anyone rages and leaves cause of that.

So i made my personal tierlist from the bots. Or i better need to say i fought vs every class. So i could see with what bot i have many problems and which one is easy.
I played as aramusha.

The hardest bot of all times was the shaman for me. He really deflected every hit, He feinted much and also parried my attacks if he dont deflect. I lost like 10 times in a row. So i dont cry for nerfs or buffs but the result speaks for it.

The easiest bot was Orochi, really he is very predictable. I won like 8 times in a row. I dont know if its because i played aramusha but i could beat him easily. Perfectly to train the Full Block Stance.

That was everything i want to tell you guys :) I am now overall prestige 90 and with aramusha prestige 2 so i am no noob player. Maybe the Ubisoft team could try to fight against this bots. So they will see which class is weaker than others. Or which class is god tier if used right.

Yours faithfully

Armorking175 PS4