View Full Version : Both new heroes just ignore your deflects.

11-21-2017, 06:25 AM
Bad enough you released the two worst (by far), unreactable light spamming heros on us, but on the off chance you deflect either of them they both end up way better off. It GREATLY benefits them if you deflect.

Orochis fast deflect on aramusha just get ignored through all the spam, sometimes not even hitting. And on shaman... if you deflect her side heavy, and before the orange flame even comes up you have been staggered from another free light and a bleed jab which both seem to be unnlockable, then followed by her GB which I can’t CGB because I’m still in stagger state, then followed by a free throw into pounce for two bars of health and healing. I think bezerker also gets knocked out of his gb deflect, I assume PK will be the same. Shinobi is the only one who can deflect (and his deflect is STILL bugged and broken which I’ve made threads about) and he can only do this because he magically develops super human abilities to vanish from the spam and teleport in order to beat these new heroes! Lol

There is no area to attack these new heroes, they have instant recovery and basically bypass the combat system of the game by being able to throw out attacks at double the pace of the rest of the heroes.

I know people have been saying “buff the cast up to the level of these new heroes” but I strongly disagree. These heros have no windows of weakness after whiffed attacks, after dodged attacks, after deflects, (and pretty much can’t be parried on console due to unreactable light spam, unless they are just throwing heavies at you like nobody ever does), have near INSTANT recovery on their failed attacks.

Yes the old cast ABSOLUTELY needs more attacks and moves (even some of the season pass heroes in comparison to these two), but the attacks NEED to have their downsides, or the class NEEDS to have weaknesses. If you make every class like shaman, you will have a terrible game. If shaman can send out a lightning fast dodge side heavy, she can recover so fast that orochis riptide strike will get parried if he uses it to counter her, and even if she misses her dodge heavy she can then immediately send out softfeint lights and retreat if she fails.. where is the window to attack her here?

These heroes are very poorly designed, they totally exploit the reaction time on console and they operate at 170% the speed of all other heroes. These are gamebreaking, no skill characters.

11-21-2017, 01:28 PM
Berserker deflect works fine against both Shaman and Aramashu, from my own experience.

I think the deflects are all due a bit of a rework tbh, i've always felt sorry for PK's and Orochi's who try and deflect my dance of the paired blades only to get smacked in the face by uninterruptible attacks anyway. Seems pointless when Parry is equally difficult to pull off but drains stamina, temporarily disables the enemy and gives you a free heavy...

11-21-2017, 04:12 PM
I have trouble with deflecting ronnin light spam to the point im not sure it is even possible.

11-21-2017, 04:22 PM
I have trouble with deflecting ronnin light spam to the point im not sure it is even possible.its absolutely possible, its just very difficult.

11-21-2017, 04:36 PM
Orochi heavy attack from deflect is uninterruptible, and will remove nearly half the health of the new characters. You're welcome. Zerker and PK may be SOL though, true.