View Full Version : Workaround Solve for the In-Game Black Screen

11-21-2017, 02:58 AM
So I found a fix to your game's bug. I found that if you go an initiate a conversation that starts a cut scene....pretty difficult to do with just a black screen.....the game's visuals will be restored. You then cannot die or shut the xbox off or it will make the screen go black again. The next thing you have to do is travel back to the mission you were on when the game crashed and caused this issue. In my case, this was the "Rites of Anubis." When I got close to the area where I initiated the conversation with the NPC that starts this mission, the game froze. I literally could not do anything but I could hear the game's music continue. I then pressed start, clicked on "Quit to Title Screen."

The game then rebooted to the title screen. I started my game back up from the save file, and the game started right away with the cut scene of that mission. This is exactly where it crashed so I believe your bug has to do with the crashing of the game during a cut scene or mission that causes the in-game black screen to happen.

It might be worth looking into doing some coding that force resets any active missions a player is in to reset this and allow them to continue with the game without being told its a "corrupted save" which is not the case. This is a bug...not a save issue. You owe it to your customers to troubleshoot this further and not tell them to just restart the entire game as the tech asked me to do in our chat that was recorded below. I've paid for and played every AC game as they came out and am a loyal fan. Listen to your customers when they report stuff like this and dont just blow them off like its something they caused and nothing can be done to address their concerns.

I really hope this helps those of you that put in a bunch of time and paid for this game only to be told to restart the game from the beginning because the techs don't spend enough time troubleshooting and give some generic restart your Xbox answer. I reposted this workaround on all the posts I could find related to this issue in hopes in can save some time and frustration for your customers....your welcome Ubisoft....now please work on a permanent fix for this issue.