View Full Version : Punishment for leaving match

11-21-2017, 02:38 AM

Let I start this topic with telling that I bought the game(starter edition) after the free weekend, but I've played the game before on my PS4 (standard edition).

In the free weekend I had no trouble at all with the game (CPU: ryzen 7 1800x; GPU:1080 OS: W10 PRO), so I bought the game but now is the game crashing all the time, aound 1 or 2 times in each match)

So everytime the game craches I send a report to Ubisoft, restart the game and join the match again BUT, when you crash in the last round, reconnect directly (in time) you won't recieve your points, but instead you'll get the 15 min no match punishment.


So the problems I've encounterd are:
1. Game keeps crashing
2. When you rejoin in the last round, you get no points, but you will get the leave punishment

Kind regards,
Chearles (NL)