View Full Version : Check out the "PRO PLAYER" you is getting attacked by a constant stream of heavies.

11-20-2017, 10:25 PM
Check This pro player guys

The ronin know for his light attack spam is using a constant stream of heavies. At one point in the video the ronin actually goes heavy left heavy up and heavy right

Everyone knows the ronin has to go up next to continue his combo stream

Yet this so called pro player doesn't parry once

and he claims he can react well to the ronin

The ronin also doesn't feint once

YOU KNOW THE RONIN. The only class in the game that has feint written in the description

And this PRO PLAYER Still loses

Then makes a video stating that the ronin is unpunishable



And it's gets better

An actual UBISOFT EMPLOYEE finds this train wreck of a video worth while enough to pass on to the developers who should be spending time on real issues not wasting time figuring out why noobs can't play

But hey that's how we roll in for honor

You have the centurion who can kill pro players with one button

you have pro players who can't parry a constant stream of heavies

and then you have UBISOFT employees bothering the developers cos "PRO PLAYERS" can't parry a predictable well known pattern done with constant heavies.