View Full Version : Thanks for killing my fav game of the year.

11-20-2017, 08:42 PM
So; since season 4 patch:

- Blocking is broken. Hits goes trough, guards goes away for no reason.
- Inputs are unresponsive, slow.
- Sometimes char just goes for random attacks for no reason.
- Matchmaking is broken. I find game extremely fast but sometimes face off legit prestige 0 players. I'm ****ing 45.
- Ranked duel matchmaking is broken. I was platinium last season, and I keep only facing silvers and bronze. Thanks for the free victorys, but if im ranked in silver I'll uninstall the game.
- No time snap. And you add a light spamming char. What a bunch of ******s you devs are. Attack speed are just inconsistent. How can this not be your freaking top priority.
- Shaman's speed, tracking and range is straight up stupid. A 400 ms cancellable vortex and 500ms dashing attacks even tho she's 200 meters away. What a freaking good job. If you dodge a millisec too early or too late she freaking breaks the law of physics to catch you.
- In menus, game is slower and loads harder.

Thank you for ruining my game. Since patch I feel as tho my skill level dropped down to bronze 5.