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11-20-2017, 04:49 PM
Am 68 years old and play the game in easy mode. Am stuck with the sea battle with the 2 super roman battleships after many attempts, either battling close or long range. Any tip/strategy to sink those super ships?

11-20-2017, 05:09 PM
Deal with one at a time, so they can't both hurt you.
I sail so the ship I'm attacking is inbetween you and the 2nd ship.

Then I fire arrows/fire making sure I brace when it's coming my way.

I find closer range is better because I can do more damage, though you have to watch enemy fire.

Repeat for ship #2.

11-20-2017, 05:10 PM
Hi vyltan

First off, it is really nice to see people of all age groups enjoying this game 'Does not matter what difficulty you play at'. I like it.

You can head to the below thread. I have not completed the mission as yet. I'm sure this thread would help you.


11-20-2017, 06:12 PM
Hi vyltan,

Since this is still pretty spoilery for the game, I'm going to go ahead and send it to our ACO Spoilers section.

Also, I know I had a lot more luck with these when using the ships' catapults- they're pretty effective!

Hope that helps, and good luck!

11-21-2017, 11:10 AM
Well, I just returned to the forum after having finnished and platinumed the game as much as I wanted and the first thread I check let me help someone. Basically, I got desynch once in that battle. Some convenient thing you can use like the catapult have named, but I still know tips that can help you.

Someone named the arrow. Those can be quite effective true, but that even more the case if you target the weak spot of the ship. They are revealed and stay revealed as long as you aim at them with the arrows. On the big ships there are 3 at the right and at the left of those ships. The fact they are that big and numerous don't mean the you will always hit them. First of all none of them are at the sails level. They are all just below the deck of the ships. Also don't count on only those weak points. After they take a couple hits they will be unable to use on that ship. Of course the disapearence of one of them don't mean the others disapear as well. By the way the small ships have those as well.

If you feel like it you can try to ram an ennemi ship. Do be careful, though, because on a ship as big as those 2. If that don't destroy it, you're in for some potential (I'll return on the "potential" later) major damage.

Also, on some occasion after destroying a weak spot, but more often when you ram the ships, you might see a button icon appear which, when used will create some bonus damage to the ships. I think it's some kind of bombe/grenade that Aya or a random member of your ship throw at a weak spot you created with that attack, sort of like the precision shot you could do with the Morgan or the Jackdaw in the earlier titles, but be assured it does more damage than that.

As for the 4th tips it's pretty simple. This fight have 1 particular thing in common with ac rogue's naval battle. When the boss ship have appearred you should focus as much power as you can on the boss to destroy it as soon as you can. So, once those 2 ships are beated, every remaining tiny will cease to fight and the mission end there.

The last tip I can think of if, is both to attack AND to defend yourself. If you use a precise button just as you receive an attack the entire crew of the ship will use there shield to defend. There if 2 things to know about that, first it can be used against any attack and can turn the most destructive hit you take just as if it was a breeze. If used at the right moment, it can turn massive damage to be 1 pixel wide. The second thing to know about that defense is that if you use those shields the right way, but to block arrow, just as you release the button, not only will you be able to attack again, your crew might use the arrow they blocked to attack the ship who sended those (I have used that attack that much but I think you also have to aim at the ship to do, I saw no aim icon, but I think I saw at one point that the ship was at the center of the screen).

Hope it help. ^-^

11-21-2017, 04:59 PM
I have already level forty but never even tried seriously that awful captains mess naval shouting. "Arrows comiing..." And I bet I never will..finish this extreme disappointing game.Its finnished before even started...

And when supposing it will be next another and another same kind of annoying shouting experience "comiiiing".

Dont see any point in that

Last ridiculous try.. after "Two ships down"... and I am down in 4 seconds.... my game done now and no thank more AC

Edit:I at last did it...it was still annoying but its better listen that captains shouts and keep bracing (shift)when they fire. and mess very fast with catapults and own firebomps and if you are lucky, battle will end soon, except that there is another battle in a row..well..try hard.. ;)

12-05-2017, 04:11 AM
I am really struggling too (53 yo mom). I have employed most of the strategies mentioned and have over 4 hours on this battle, getting no where fast. I do have it set on medium. This is clearly not as easy as Black Flag--loved those battles. One question: the catapults--are they the Y button on Xbox One? Hopefully 4 more hours and I will sink that trireme.

12-05-2017, 07:10 AM
LOLOLOLOL Okay--just found out what the catapults are, and following the suggestions above I was able to have a decent battle with success. Thank you!

12-05-2017, 03:16 PM
Glad to hear you made it!

I'm just gonna leave this here, too:

Take out the fire ships fast. They'll absolutely wreck you if you don't.
And catapults have a bit of AOE on their attacks that can take out multiple fire ships at a time, though they're also quick to go down by arrows.

Regarding triremes and octaremes- the "dodge/brace" action in this game is leagues more effective than it was in the Kenway saga's boat sections. If you're dodging, you'll receive almost no ranged damage and can counter volley. Well worth your time to do so.