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11-20-2017, 12:00 PM
Hi all,

I got pulled into the AC universe via AC Origins and the Egyptian setting. Iím absolutely enjoying this game and this world. I own an Xbox One X and 4K HDR capable TV so the game looks and plays great.

ACO is also my first game of the franchise. With the Black Friday sales week ahead I wonder if any of the other AC games are worth getting:

- AC1 doesnít seem to be on Black Friday sales but itís been X1X enhanced and the first game of the series. Is this still worth getting or just too old now? And it doesnít include DLC I think? Or maybe at the time there was no DLC?
- The Eizo collection is about 20 EUR with the Black Friday sales. I understand this includes 3 games and is remastered for Xbox One? It also includes all DLC I believe?
- The AC tripple pack includes Black Flag, Unity and Syndicate and was now 30 EUR with the sales IIRC, these settings interest me the most (Caribbean, Paris, London). But this is just the base games I assume without the DLC?

I would also hate to buy something now and then later see it re-released as a X1X HDR remaster.

Iím also thinking how much time does each game take? And is it needed for the overall story arc to play the games in order?

11-21-2017, 10:38 AM
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