View Full Version : Falling/climbing to my death :)

11-19-2017, 11:38 PM
Hey everyone, I'm rank 0

One thing that really kills my vibe is getting knocked into a pond, the bugs, the drowning - its all so intense :)

Recently, before for honor came along and took over my gaming addiction I was playing shadow of war which has an interesting climbing mechanic,
if your hit then press I think its right click you re-balance yourself.

What does the community think of a 'last chance' feature for falling off of things. I realize if I got better at guard break counters I could remedy most of this,
however I still think it would be a fun implementation to add, it could be complicated for example so its not easy to just not fall off an edge to your death or you could continue
your climb to greatness and mastery over the universe - whatever, :).

Cheers :)

11-20-2017, 05:42 AM
Way back in the day I mentioned this for only ledges.

It’d definitely add some fun to have a cliff hanging cutscene that you could recover off the ledge by holding “b” much like to revive a teammate but within 3 seconds. You recover with the same amount of health as when you fell and In the action you can be attacked but not gb again until you’ve fully recovered. In this idea I also added that you could deny the recovery much like a revive, and if you’re the aggressor, much like an execution you could step on their fingers, brutally chop off hands, ect. That gives a “brutality” kill: double the renown of a normal kill. If you try to recover and are executed the spawn takes longer. If there is one on the ledge, then no one else can be on that part of the ledge and being thrown off acts normally. This would add a whole new dinamic of risk vs reward to everyone. Do I get up and risk being executed taking much more time to spawn in and my team suffering in hopes that I can help my team be successful? As the aggressor, do you try to kill them on the ledge and risk being thrown off yourself without the second chance the opponent got?

It’ll never go anywhere, but thatd be a fun little mechanic. Maybe for a king of the mountain mode or something.

Everyone else will tell you the gb button IS your second chance though.