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11-19-2017, 02:15 PM
For the SHAMAN

1) Reduce the speed of her dash attacks:

- Predator's mercy and predator's hunger FROM NEUTRAL should go from 400ms speed to a 600ms. Thus making the move fast enough to be effective with his cancel and yet not a complete 50/50. Because, as of right now, it's really hard to wait for the shaman to launch her attack and dodge on reaction, you almost always need to dodge preventively, thus making the cancel way to strong.

- Wild Cat's rage FROM NEUTRAL should go from a 500ms on the sides to 600ms. Same reason as for the Predator's mix-up. Considering the range of the attack it's way too fast.

P.S: By "FROM NEUTRAL" I mean that the post-throw speed shouldn't be change to still garante the moves to connect.

2)Fix her tracking

As of right now there are huge inconsistency in some of Shaman's trackings. As soon as the dodge of one of her dashed attacks is slightly delayed, the Shaman just seems to completely break the law of physics.

Buff her roll

Seriously, she's supposed to be an agile assassin, yet rolling wiht her is like trying to move a god damn tank. It's way to slow, and doesn't go far enough. Rolling shouldn't be a highly stamina costing move that result in an almost complete safety. As of right now, if I try to roll when facing any fast char with shaman, some of them can simply continu to strike and they will catch me down before I can recover from my roll. That's dumb...


Buff his blade blockade

As of right now this move is useless. It must come out faster and should let the Aramusha defenseless for a small amount of time when missed, not give a free gb...

11-19-2017, 02:25 PM
also shamans damage output is way to high right now. for how fast she can attack and from the save distance she can attack with heavy dodge attacks

and her overall hp should be reduced since she has basically an auto heal at will

11-19-2017, 02:49 PM
Stop giving stupid sugesstions. This game need more button mashers like shaman or aramusha. Otherwise it will became a dead game.