View Full Version : Shaman Doesn't Need It

11-18-2017, 08:10 PM
Shaman does not need the ability to do a top leaping heavy from left, right, and center. You can't even visually see where she is striking, and she strikes from a mile away.
She doesn't need the ability to cancel that leaping heavy if she does have those directions. With that directional mixup and the cancel, she has 4 different options from the same directional attack from a mile away
She doesn't need insane tracking on her bloody pounce. Tracking through walls and around the corner is absolutely insane.

If she is to keep the directional attacks from top, give that to Berserker and Peacekeeper, too.
If she is able to keep a cancel on her leap, give that to Warlord as well.
If she has insane tracking on her pounce, give that to Highlander's kick/grab or even Nobushi's kick.