View Full Version : Expanded uses for Senu, a couple of ideas

11-18-2017, 06:24 PM
Love Senu and I do try to reward her for her hard work. Still I think she could do more :)!

1) Controlling haycarts/tamed animals/ally.

Sneaking into a fort hiding in a haycart is cool on paper, not so much in practice as you can't control what's going to happen. I was thinking that when you are in a haycart you can use Senu to guide it. Simply let her put a marker where you wanna go, voila!

Tamed animals could be directed to hiding spots. Or Senu could mark enemies for them to attack. Instead of an instrument of chaos tamed animals could then be used for more stealthy purposes. Guiding an ally could work in a similar way. It could be contextual, so if you pointed at a brazier the human would try to sabotage it, for example.

2) Stealing helmet: Mark enemy, mark spot on ground. Senu will then fly down, grab their helmet and fly it to the indicated spot. A way to lure enemies away from their post.

3) Pick up and drop oil jars. Let Senu drop the oil were you want it. Then let "Smoke and Mirrors" do its thing :).

Do you want more features (what?) for our new heroine?