View Full Version : Message for devs :)

11-18-2017, 05:23 PM
At first, thank you for this game. He is amazing and he really respect the serie.

Now, i think hookhand clyde is a really broken and frustrating card. You have a gamebreaker effect with a really great body for a low price.So yes it's RNG (RNG is really fun... A good strat for the win...) but if you face him and you are "lucky" he touch your hero. It's frustrating for your opponent BUT he have a great body anyways. Now, if you are unluncky, he don't touch your hero, he one-shoot your healer or range dps and can solo carry a game (really funny rng !)...

So, for only 3, you can destroy a 4 cost card only with a warcry and with a good body.I don't understand why you have designed this card like this when you do excatly the same(but balanced) with outlaw tweek. Outlaw tweek is just a balanced hookhand clyde : He is more expansive, have an useless body BUT a really strong effect. So i think this clyde need a nerf or a rework. Actually he's THE card who i hate at each game.

Another great card : Cyborg kenny. I think 10s it's tooooooooo long(maybe 8s or less would be better) but he have more counters(arrow, rats, etc...) and isnt a roll of dice.

That all. I'm sorry for my terrible english. Thank you to read me. Have fun and good game everyone :)