View Full Version : Why does the game seems broken ?

11-18-2017, 11:42 AM
Blocking isn't working right. The guard switch magically or goes black when some hits are supposed to be blocked. Everything is super inconsistent.
Char do things I never asked him too.
Sometimes he starts walking on his own and die my falling into a hole or going into a geyser.

I don't know what the actual **** did the devs do but this is ruiningmy game. I bait for parrys with an unblockable but I can't parry cuz my game goes like "nope".

Aramusha super fast hits are a pain in the *** to fight against, especially with lag, reflex guard chars, and his buggy tracking . Shaman is okay but for some reason you gave her 400ms attack the property to be cancelled. Also, she got a insane range on dashed attacks, yet her actual dodges and roll back are weak as ****.

Everything seems just so inconsistent. Fix. Please.