View Full Version : No damage issue

11-17-2017, 09:26 PM
I just got the game yesterday and ive been having issues with matchmaking and terrorist hunt, i assumed maybe it was a connection issue but that shouldnt be because my internet speed isconstantly 75mbps-100 usually. In games i could be shooting directly at someone or even their traps but will have no damage done to them. My game experiences no signs of lag like rubberbanding or anything either. Dont worry i assumed already maybe its because im new and maybe still bad at the game but ive been able to damage opponents or destroy their traps is by using grenades or using the melee. I am able to easily go through the simulation games with no problems though. The bullets register there but nowhere else. :confused: Im really getting frustrated with this and dont understand what to do at this point, i just want to play with my friends.