View Full Version : Think I'm sticking with my main

11-17-2017, 07:27 AM
Played Aramusha, for 2-3 days straight and gotten him to Rep 3 lvl 12 and I think I'm going to stop there.

Ironically when I played Orochi I stopped at Rep 4 lvl 14.

I play mostly Samurai and I main Nobushi and Aramusha just doesn't feel fun to play.

Didn't like we they announced a two blade samurai because that just seemed like an Evolved form of Orochi. Was hoping Monk.

But nevertheless, playing him isn't enjoyable, spamming infinite lights - heavies just feel and look stupid, any veteran player that knows how to parry blows him up since he has 120 health even though he's half tank.

Sure he has feints but once players memorize them what does he has lefted, a weak deflect game? I can get a kick-back that needs a wall or ledge do be any use , a pommel strike stun with no follow up, and a unblockable strike that will be parried, what's the point of this deflect that's suppose to make him half tank?

Not saying the new guy is bad, just doesn't seem a fit for me.

***Also Aramusha's Mask outfit doesn't clip with his hat but Nobushi's mask clips with hers. Has anyone else already notified this?