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11-17-2017, 04:39 AM
I've seen like a million Aramusha videos, faced some very cancerous Aramusha lightspam that makes Berserker look like a peasant, and practiced for hours on end with Aramusha, but I can not for the life of me make any of Aramusha's combos flow.

-- I can't get the chain to keep flowing when they block since it breaks the chain, even though every time I block against an Aramusha, they just keep going at it nonstop.
-- Blade Blockade seems useless because it only lasts for a split second and leaves me open for a free guardbreak for an eternity. But then when I actually face an Aramusha, they Blade Blockade everything I follow through on and counterguardbreak me everytime I try to guardbreak them during their attempted Blade Blockade.
-- I can't even start a chain if they block and even parry my light attack, which seems to happen consistently, and when I try to get around that by feinting one of the directional dashes into a guardbreak, I either get a light attack to the face or guardbroken (I've even gotten guardbroken while in the process of guardbreaking the opponent, what the crap is that).

Do I suck with Aramusha? Obviously. But I can't for the life of me figure him out after spending hours training with him. Seems like his chains are very restrictive to when you can strike and where you have to strike next and even far more strict as to how you can use your "Deadly Feints"

11-17-2017, 07:03 AM
Hi Koto! I'd love to help.
Aramusha can continue his infinite chain even if you block. But in order for that to happen he has to mix in a heavy attack in his chain. So if you only light attack and alternate it won't work. But if you throw in a heavy occasionally you can get blocked but still combo providing the next attack lands.
Blade blockade timing is a little bit more lax compared to parry timing at least from my experiences. It's not faster but the window of opportunity feels looser. Try to BB a little bit before you see the parry indicator.
For starting your chain it honestly just depends on the skill of your opponent. I find success with hard feinting a heavy. If they fall for the parry bait I can either BB it or parry it to start off my combo. If you're playing an aggressive player doing dashing forward heavy would be a good way in as it has hyper armor meaning you can trade and start the combo.
In order to be able to do his "deadly feint" you'll need to have landed 2 hits. EX light>light.

Some misc tips:
~feint a heavy from the opposite side that your zone comes from then zone. You can also light from that side and then zone from the opposite side.
~mix in heavies occasionally during your inf combo. As i've discussed already it lets you continue your combo even if the heavy is blocked.
~Rushing wind's direction can be changed mid dodge. So say you're in left guard. You can forward dodge and change your guard mid dodge to right and attack and it will come from the right instead.
~Aramusha's heavies are quick enough that they can be used to screw people over who attempt to feint and then GB you.

Blade blockade usage:
~if you want consistent damage hit top heavy after using BB. Far as i'm aware this can't be blocked or parried UNLESS you're fighting a non reflex guard character who had their guard resting in top when you countered them.
~If you want consistent damage with more potential damage hit light attack after using BB. this does a minor 10 damage but stuns them allowing you to more than likely get a light in to start your combo. I've seen some success with GBing after doing this as well. But GB's for Aramusha is really about positioning the opponent rather than getting hard hitting damage. I'd only recommend this if a surface is near by to throw them on. Keep in mind he doesn't have great throw distance.
~If you want to remove pressure from yourself or there is a surface near by you can hit GB after using BB. This kick does a decent bit of stamina damage and a wall splat guarantees a side heavy and top light.
~If you want more potential damage you can use a side heavy after using BB. It is only guaranteed on BBing low recovery attacks. These would be things like wardens zone, valk dash attacks, and glad dash attacks. Otherwise you really only use this to bait the turtle into a reaction. Usually by feinting it and going for a GB.

I hope you found some of this useful.

11-17-2017, 07:26 AM
It's all about the timing. Blockade is like a parry.