View Full Version : Non Stop Murder (NSM) Recruiting NA & EU!

11-17-2017, 04:23 AM
Non Stop Murder
Website: www.nonstopmurder.com
Teamspeak: xu611.teamspeak3.com

About Us
Non Stop Murder is a 16+ Multi-Gaming Community. We are founded by US Military Veterans who strive to build one of the largest Multi-Gaming communities. We are looking to grow our Dark and Light Community

16+ years of age
Have a Mic
Be respectful

Join Us
If you are looking for a enjoyable community that filters out toxic players just sign up on our website then connect to our teamspeak server at the top.

Other Games we host
Arma 3
Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

If you wish for more information contact Kirith.NSM on Uplay or on steam at KirithVonMorbid.