View Full Version : Lvl 3 bots

11-16-2017, 11:53 PM
I see a bunch of people complaining that there are too many lvl 3 bots. Guess what my complaint is? I NEVER see any lvl 3 bots. I'm perpetually stuck with lvl 2 bots and I have been begging for lvl 3 bots for ages, yet people who don't want them only see them??! There literally cannot be any worse mess-up.

The best way to solve this issue while pleasing everyone is just to allow us to choose the level of the bots when we are playing with matchmaking off (maybe limit the choice between lvl 2 and lvl 3 if you don't want people to cheese through lvl 1 all the time. And obviously when playing against players with matchmaking on the level would depend on the players' skills for the game to be fair). But it's just ridiculous that Ubisoft thinks that it should impose the bot level on us based on some arbitrary grounds,given that some people who get lvl 3 bots all the time clearly find them to be too hard, while I personally have no trouble against them at all and love fighting them, but never get them.

11-17-2017, 12:27 AM
Iím in two worlds with the new bots, when I get a game of all level 3 bots on both sides its quite possibly one of the most intense and entertaining games ever butit can also be one of the most frustrating stressful games if the enemy team fills with level 3ís and I get 1ís and 2ís for teammates.

Also if Iím trying to learn/level up a new character it can be a nightmare, and then theres the problem that my friends who only just started playing over the free weekend refuse to game with me anymore because they cant handle the level 3ís and whenever I join a game the enemy team 80% of the time immediately becomes all level 3ís.

Personally I think it would be really good to have an option with matchmaking off to choose the levels of the bots on both teams,
Perhaps even give bonus xp/steel for playing against full level 3 teams with only level 1 teammates, I think that would provide incentive to improve your skills.