View Full Version : Need help, can't delete DELUXE Edition once purchased. Can't delete items.

11-16-2017, 10:12 PM
I purchased the PS4 DELUXE Edition with the legendary weapons and 3 skill points but after playing in regretted it, not wanting them in my inventory (cannot sell or dismantle). I don't want a refund, I am happy to have paid the price but I desperately need a solution to figure out how to on the PS4 delete this DLC somehow. I've tried uninstallling and reinstalling, deleting saved data, going through Uplay, but the minute I begin the game after a fresh install it says "Uplay has installed and found DELUXE Edition" and I'm at my wits end. I suffer from OCD on a related note and having these items in my inventory with no way to remove them or delete my purchase of the Digital Deluxe edition is causing me to not play origins and I really want to play. I know that sounds ridiculous but I don't want a refund, I just need a way for my account to have the digital Deluxe add on to ve removed if possible from your side on Uplay (if an employee reads this) in so it doesn't auto install, or a work around or some way to clean install to where Uplay won't automatically install on start up. I appreciate your help soo much. Any help would be a godsend I really want to play this game, preordered long ago.

11-17-2017, 10:41 AM
Yeah I'm also wanting to get rid of the DLC items, I don't like having stuff in my inventory that's not for using (or selling at the next vendor of course), seems a bit dumb that we have to carry around all these extra weapons just because we bought/unlocked them, let us leave them at a chest or sell them or dismantle them, it should be our choice!

11-17-2017, 12:30 PM

We totally understand your concern here and I apologise for the inconvenience caused. Feedback regarding DLC weapons has been noted previously and passed along to the development team so hopefully we will have some news regarding this to share in the future.

Unfortunately there are no work arounds at the moment, however you can upgrade your weapons at a blacksmith to match your current level. Instead you could leave them at their base level so they stay at the bottom of your inventory compared to new weapons you obtain, so at least they are somewhat out of the way. I do realise this may not solve the problem for you though and i'm sorry I can't give any further help at the moment,