View Full Version : An idea to balance Shaman

11-16-2017, 05:17 PM
To start, I must say that I love the new heroes and I think this game is going in the right direction, but as everyone has seen (and probably said) the Shaman can spam her tackle/bite rather easily. I think that a simple fix that would not nerf her into the ground and still keep her moves the same is for her tackle/bite to drain health on a miss (while in blood trance only) like the Shugoki hug. This would force players to use the move in a more tactical way and not just pounce at the enemy till it lands. In her trailer it talks about how she has voices in her head and maybe they are punishing her for missing just as they reward (heal) her on successful BT hits.
Thoughts? Other changes?

11-16-2017, 05:48 PM
her overall damage is way to high as well.

wild cats rage/pounce are 500 ms heavy attacks that deal 25 damage. and the pounce just teleports her across the whole map. its rediculess.
other peoples evade attacks are mostly lights and slower with less damage and even more telegraphed.

also for a hero that can simply auto heal herself at will she should not have the full assain hp. either reduce the auto-heal significantly or drop her hp to 90.