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11-16-2017, 04:23 PM

We have a video, we have a Den. Eric said yesterday we might have an update on the new training mode. As thirnh said below, I wouldn't expect new content, they usually let people save for the new heroes.

And it is go time in three



The new intro music still rocks.

Going to be a shorter show.

Season 4 has started, we have new heroes(for season pass holders, non season pass holders next tuesday 15,000 steel each), new maps, faction war revamp, tribute mode. Ranked dominion will be coming during this season. Everyone can use four executions now

They tried the warrior training program for the first time last weekend, it turns out about 80,000 people participated in that program. They will send emails to confirm the 5000 steel, f you haven't heard anything tomorrow reach out to support.

Updates from Damien

Patch note error, aramusha and shaman the notes said they did not have a unique legendary and rare currently, that is true, also said they will be coming in next patch,also true.For some reason a line got added saying they would be seamlessly replaced, not true.

Season 3 tournament rewards, quick reaction on that and they will be part of the season 4 rewards on top of the regular ones, an extra chance to get them, you will get the reward for the character you won the tournament with, if you have both rewards it will go back to random. Once we getto season 5,both 3 and 4 rewards will go away.

Orders, they are not all changing at the same time, they will now all reset 1pm eastern so some current orders may last longer. All contract orders will be updated at the same time.

Training arena and new tutorial mode, they are being worked on, they are in testing phase but they discovered recently that they will need to update the part of the game that can be started before the game is fully downloaded, this is a different longer certification process. UPDATE Eric posted this on the subject on Reddit - Sorry I thought I replied here but it must have been another thread. We talked about this on the Warrior's Den today. These are still being worked on and have been moved back a bit (after this season) because it requires us to do a full resubmission of the game, which is a much larger process than our usual patch process. -so um wow, they have to resubmit the whole freakin game for it.

Hidden in custom mode there has been an ice map from story mode found in the brawl maps complete with melting ice, this might be related to something that might come in the future, enjoy it while you have it.

Damien has a For Onion shirt, Onion is the name for the dedicated servers project. They released some tweets on Friday, the team played for the first time on dedicated servers. Apparently it went really well and they put in a grind to get it ready for that test. There will be more news as it comes, they are still improving P2P in the meantime. There will be improvements on this and matchmaking serverside soon.

Speaking of matchmaking they fixed the relaxation bug that put super high rep against super low but they found another one through fixing that, the port that rep goes through isn't taken into account, the team is working on this and other skill based improvements planned,no eta yet.

Known and actively working on issues.

Shaman tracking issues, these are being worked on, should be in the next big patch.

Shugoki demon embrace, range was changed and that is being worked on, could be next patch.

PK infinite zone is being worked on, no eta, being addressed.

As always send feedback on the new heroes.

Shaman and Aramusha don't have the season pass colours, thiswill be fixed.

Level 3 bots, they tested these in tribute, these were only triggered against super high skilled and levelled players. They have brought these to a higher range of players, it appears that the range may be a little bigger than it should be right now so they are looking at this, they are moving it from top 20% to top 10% which is still a bigger range than before the patch. If newcomers are still facing them, they will have other issues they need to fix. Of course people can still always play them in custom.

PC folks, some have a low FPS issue which people are looking into, borderless or windowless mode apparently fixes this as a in the meantime hotfix.

They have season 3 winner shirts for the knights. They are reaching out to the top 30 contributors for free shirts. Shirts will be the subject of this week's raffle on twitch starting now. New battle outfits at 1500, 3000 or 5000 steel. All three available for all heroes. Orbital vortex, geoburst and unfocussed.

Hero Series recap, UDA swept NRG 3-0.

Community corner.

And that is this week's den.

11-16-2017, 04:45 PM
There doesn't appear to be an info dump this week. I expect this to be a relatively short show considering Season 4 just dropped. Remember don't go looking for any new content today. We got 3 new Battle outfits with the Season 4 update.

11-16-2017, 05:13 PM
There doesn't appear to be an info dump this week. I expect this to be a relatively short show considering Season 4 just dropped. Remember don't go looking for any new content today. We got 3 new Battle outfits with the Season 4 update.

I'd say that is a good guess, one thing I do know, someone asked for details on the new training mode and when it would drop, Eric said they could give an update today.

11-16-2017, 09:35 PM
Shoulds like a potential nerf on the demons embrace, but whatever. At this point it doesn't even matter. Go ahead and nerf him to the ground to please some people.

11-16-2017, 09:45 PM
Shoulds like a potential nerf on the demons embrace, but whatever. At this point it doesn't even matter. Go ahead and nerf him to the ground to please some people.

No, it was an unintended change going by what they said on it was somehow it's range was changed and that is known and being worked on.

11-17-2017, 05:08 AM
Sorry, this is going to be a long post, but this is my current take of the new heroes.

Shaman: honestly she feels rather balanced on her normal mode play. Her attacks are strong, have a few good mix up options, but nothing too over the top. Her attacks are fair: there is a relatively opportunistic feel to most of her attacks holding true to an assassin mind set of jump in for an attack and retreat. Overall there is a pretty good flow of attacks as far as chains, feints ect. While in blood trance, I would even go as far as to say the heal is relatively fair, again, on normal attacks. This is probably not a popular opinion, however her attacks are not super damaging, and therefore she must still be careful while trying to simultaneously be offensive. There are only 2 fixes Iíd make to her to make her more balanced:

Pounce: her pounce has an awfully tight dodge timing, which it seems is getting looked at. Awesome ubi! Seriously itís appreciated. It also ignores HA from what Iíve seen, which Iím sure has the shugoki and HL players in an uproar, and to be honest rightfully so. Other than that I find it a good tool to use. The problem is in blood trance. Pounce is way too strong offering huge reward for a low cost unlike shugokis demon embrace. She heals from it, and takes way too much health. This attack is way too damaging while being reliable without sever downside like shugoki and his health drain. I feel as though her one melee attack should not heal, but only her attacks. Iím not saying change much, just please reduce the damage. Itís hard to take a move seriously when you have outplayed your opponent to a severe degree and lose 3 bars of health to one very difficult move to dodge. Just my personal thought on that one, though Iím sure youíve gotten this a lot.

Leaping attack: her leap attack is also way too fast with too good a range. If you are not in the same gaurd youíre 9/10 not able to block on reaction in time. Iím not saying you shouldnít be keeping the attack in mind while she has a lot of space, but itís like she teleports and in comparison to other characters must be the fastest, farthest jumping and least telegraphed leap attack in the game. Not game breaking, but also in comparison not exactly balanced either.

Now on to aramusha:

Aramusha is an interesting character. Admittedly his feint game is hard to make the most out of. Once people start catching on though, I am not so sure it will matter a whole lot as his infinite chain is very weak on comparison to berserker.

Infinite chain: It looks good on paper with the added chain finisher soft feint, and admittedly the soft feint is good, but you will never get in a heavy 80% of the time unless guaranteed with wall splats or oos punish. His chain also has nothing to boost it for it being so easy to counter (block, dodge, parry, interrupt/trade). At least berserker has HA. Aramusha canít trade anything, this making any continuation of chain attack a bad idea against any attack, which would TOTALLY be fine except for one thing, which I will get to in a second. My recommendation: give his heavy finishers HA to compensate and give him a slight trade ability, but only on chain finishers otherwise his chain will be never ending practically.

Gb: I understand there will be future changes, but there is literally no benifit at all to gb an opponent unless by a wall or hazard. Compared to other characters, this is a SEVERE handicap. I think you might get a guaranteed light, I snuck one in each time, but again, in comparison this is bad. At least HL flows into a very strong OS. The most a light does is allows for an infinite chain start up, but like i said earlier, itís not exactly the best infinite chain in the game as you risk a parry punish if you go for a heavy, could possibly keep going if you successfully get off a soft feint, but if canceled into gb offers next to nothing unlike berserker. Itís not even worth parry baiting his attacks either because you donít get anything from parry really and with my next point that would potentially make it worth while:

Full block stance: this is his main tool of defense, however I found 3 main problems with it so far: there is not really a reward for getting it off other than very small stamina drain and damage, a dodgeable kick that offers slight stamina drain that in all honesty is bigger if you go for the parry, or an UB heavy that is easily parryable though it can cancel, but with not any real follow up if canceled. It is also very slow to activate, sometimes it ďworksĒ in the fact that it blocks from each direction last minute but doesnít offer any of the follow ups, which has left me wiffing and getting punished for doing so on multiple occasions. Lastly he is not an assassin, please allow this defensive posture to be permanent like everyone elseís who has full block stance. It only stays full block for half a second. Which again at the very last second drops and you get hit: please increase benifit of Block benefits, improve the input so if it gets blocked itís always able to follow up, and at very least increase the time he may be in full block a bit. Also itíd be nice if the input was faster in general so it may be done on reactions, not in anticipation.

Iím not saying he is horrible by any means, but it feels awfully like they took concepts of multiple heroes kits they thought were good and compacted them into one character without giving him the benefits that made that particular move or chain strong:
Infinite chain: zerker but without HA
Built in soft feints: kensei but without HA
Full block: shielded characters but with assassin stance property
Ring the bell: centurions head smack but less draining
Full block kick: nobushis kick without a guarantee follow up
You all see my point by now Iím sure.

He has some good tools for sure, but heís lacking a tad.

Overall, some solid ideas and awesome character development. I love playing the aramusha especially, both character just need slight adjustments. Overall relatively happy with this season. Good job guys.

11-17-2017, 04:44 PM
Mych appreciated candle, as always.

11-18-2017, 02:58 AM
Mych appreciated candle, as always.

11-19-2017, 03:29 PM
I've been waiting for some interesting place :-)