View Full Version : Need higher gear inventory capacity now.

11-16-2017, 12:53 PM
With the new stat combinations available, we have more than 60 combinations total.

I like to collect and max out every combination for my Orochi and keep them all in my inventory.

I like to go in and evaluate different combinations from time to time, and use all three profiles to make three different types of capablities.

I'd like to see our inventory capacity increased at some point.

Before we had 7 different stat combinations per 6 gear slots.
42 combinations with a max inventory of 60, so 12 left to spare.

Season 4 brought us another 6 possible stat combinations per 6 gear slots, so 36 more brings us to a total of 78 possible stat combinations to collect.

If you plan on releasing more gear down the road, we may want to consider really boosting up the max inventory.