View Full Version : My 2 Cents

11-16-2017, 05:02 AM
Iím gonna try to still remain positive on this one. I agree with the op complaints. To be honest, I feel the devs would have to of know that this would happen. I understand about the importance of new characters and what not but the shaman in particular is a little bit out of control in regard to how many tools she has.

The pounce and bite in particular is over the top. I was playing dominion earlier and I was fighting a shaman. I got her down to one hit she leaps backward and I knew she was going to pounce so I back dash in to max storm rush distance. Well she pounces from her spot and lands on me from max storm rush distance bites me I lose almost 2 bars of health and die. Itís also tracks me around a corner and through other players. I really which I would have captured it on my Xbox. Next time I will.

Like I said in other posts i took a break from all the shenanigans in season 2. Coming back now is definitely fun to an extent and a let down seeing how the same type of mistakes, if they are mistakes, happening over and over again. While I do have much more to say I'll just leave it here.

I hope in the weeks to come the devs look at the now hundreds of frustrated players and make some adjusted. I'm not asking for a mega nerf just tone some of what makes heroes unbearable. For now like I said before, I'll be rocking my orochi in hope I get more to work with. Because of the amount i have played the orochi I have had some pretty good success against the latest heroes but id imagine there are some trying to get in to the game only to be stomped on, especially very very quickly by the newest heroes.