View Full Version : Thr game freez at the end of the match

11-15-2017, 10:58 PM
Ubisoft can you please fix your ****ing game, my game freez every ****ig 2 matches, i am tierd of this ****, i had a close win today playing with my friends, we won the match, everybody was happy winning the match, i had to close my game from task manager, because it,s ****ing freez if i play more then 2 or 3 matches and most of the time happens when i win(close victory), get your **** toghader Ubisoft

i have Amd fx6300
gtx 960 4gb
12gb of ram
windows 7

in game i have a fluid 60-100 frames
if any one have a solution pls post it here, i really like this game but you guys make it harder to like when i cant play more then 4/5 games a day, the freezes get me everytime