View Full Version : Conversation scenes in AC Origins

11-15-2017, 09:57 PM
Hi! My name is Robert from Hungary.

First of all i am very pleased to see how well the game runs on the original Xbox One, it is great to see that you support the older model not just the One X.
I rarely encountered any bugs so you did an amazing job on the game!
I am writing this thread beacuse there are scenes in the game, usually during side quests, where my character is making a conversation with someone during which i can't move the character, only the camera. These scenes were present since the first game and I think this is the thing that improved the least during the past ten years. If it is possible, in the future please make these scenes more lively and vivid. The cutscenes of the game are good as it uses another technique so it can show emotions better, but this other type of conversation scene is too blunt and boring sometimes, dispite the wonderful voice acting.
All in all, I hope you will eventually read this, and I am really looking forward to your future work.

Best regards,