View Full Version : Will this game run better on my PC than my original Xbox One?

11-15-2017, 09:49 PM
So im stuck on deciding rather or not to buy AC:Origins for my PC or my original Xbox one. Xbox one will of course run the game but locked at 30 fps that may dip with decent quality, but I am wondering if my pc would be able to run the game with better graphics and better fps than my Xbox. Both will be played on the same 1080P, 23 inch, 60hz, 5ms monitor.

My computer specs are-

GPU- Gigabyte windforce 1050TI, which I have overclocked to 1911 mhz.

CPU- I5-3450S. 2.8ghz, 4 cores and 4 threads. The speed actualy reaches 3.6ghz according to task manager while im playing other games such as GTA V, quantum break, Ac Black flag, and other benchmark tests.

8GB of DDR3 Ram, 2 sticks of Nanya ram, each 4gb and each stick clocks at 1600mhz. I am planning on upgrading my ram soon to 16gb with higher speeds.

I am aware of the issue with DRM which causes cpu usage to be ridiculous in the game right now. But I was told that Ubisoft will be working on a fix. So should I get the game for my pc or my xbox, which will have better quality and fps?

Here are games that my pc can run and the fps they run at:

GTA V- All high-very high with 50-70 fps.
Quantum break- High with some medium at 50-60 fps, sometimes dips below 50 but normally it doesn't.
Watch Dogs 2- high to ultra, this game was annoying to deal with because my cpu kept bottle-necking it, gpu was at 80% while cpu was at 100% and my fps was 50-60 normally but a good amount of times it dips down to 30-40, then back up, I did have google open during that so that may have been the cause because it doesnt happen as frequently due to cpu and gpu usage, if it ever does its due to ram shortage, I also had msi afterburner running with OSD which i have found causes dips in fps by 3-5 in almost all my graphics intense games.
Rise of the Tomb Raider- Medium to high at 40-60 fps.
AC:Black Flag- All very high got me 60+ fps but dipped a lot due to bad optimization, for all the games I normally went in to nvidia control panel and allowed triple buffering and some other things to make them run at a consistent fps.

11-18-2017, 02:39 AM
Hi there. This seems like an accidental double post. As a reminder, please do not post about the same issue more than once within the same sub forum. Instead, please update the original post if anyhtign changes. I will be closing this thread. Thanks!