View Full Version : Simply refusing to PVP till GB is fixed. Non salty opinion.

11-15-2017, 07:21 PM
So yeah newish to the game but played all the alphas/betas and really enjoyed them i also played on an off over the seasons on a friends account and eventually decided to buy it for myself while it was on sale but i just cant enjoy PVP, The GB system for some chars (looking at you heavies out there) is just constant bash, hit ,bash, hit, bash, hit etc etc, I literally lose 8/10 1 on 1 matchups against heavies purely because im stood there like a tit not able to do anything while they spam the same 2 moves, Sure you could parry if given the chance but that first bash is usually the first attack so after that point the guy on my end of this scenario is screwed, There are the odd moments where you can roll away but its few and far between and even then chars like the lawbringer, raider etc have such a large range its not enough as they either hit you mid roll or just as it ends and even in the rarest of occasions where you manage to roll away it will probably turn out that your stamina has ran out so they next time they hit you with GB you just fall over, I know other chars can do this as well but not as effective as heavies such as the lawbringer due to their nature as heavies and combined with their aforementioned range they can literally do this GB exploit (because it is) till their stamina runs dry and sure theres your advantage right there but its too late, your already dead.

Also this is not the rage induced rantings of a salty af player, i just genuinely see a massive problem in For Honor right now, I still enjoy the game but its enjoyment to bull-**** ratio is about 30/70 for me right now and most of that is due to this GB bollocks, a simple 3 second (maybe) cooldown could be a fix or maybe even have a system in which performing multiple GB's in a certain amount of time could have increased stamina drain so for example the first is normal the second (if within the time frame) could cost 20% more, a third 40% more etc, Obviously those numbers are just to get the point across it would have to be tweaked for each char based on its unique style but it would bring much needed balance to the Bashing Simulator that For Honor has become by opening up some kind of drawback from doing it which gives the victim a chance of escape.

Lastly, i like GB, it is a good mechanic for breaking someones guard (obviously!) and i'd rather have it than not but its a system that is being abused way too much, the fights no longer come down to who has the skill or maybe just a little luck or hell why not both but instead its about who can bash who first who generally wins the fight and thats just a bit ****, Team fights (when people remember they're part of a team) is just Bashfest 3000 and mostly comes down to who has the better heavy who can bash his team to victory.

Again all of this is based off of personal experience but ive also heard from a few friends on the subject and their views are fairly similar, ive even seen people complaining in game chat when its happening live but that just ends up with the 2 move wonder thinking he's god because someones raging at them and you just get the typical "l2p" response which ofcourse is probably the most mature response ive seen, its usually worse.

I think the problem with the community (not everyone ofc) being as toxic as it can be on the subject is that mentality of "well if i can do it im going to do it and if you cant deal with it your ****" is so engrained the devs are actually afraid of taking this exploit (again it is an exploit) away incase the collective tears of all the 2 move wonders out there causes another biblical flood.

Anyway this is just one guys opinion in a sea of salty bollocks i guess but i just have this left to say, This is not the For Honor that i fell in love with, not by a long shot.

11-15-2017, 08:41 PM
I've noticed issues with gb myself. I'll see the the enemies gb indicator and I'll push to cgb but ill end up guard breaking him in his gb attempt. Happens in AI games aswell.

11-16-2017, 01:16 AM

To be honest with you i didnt know that the Lawbringer was a hybrid (actually laughing at myself right now, i just assumed from looking at him) but the fact is the OP wasnt just intended to be about heavies or any particular class or character but more about the game mechanic itself as most chars with a few exception can do this, The lawbringers range combined with his constant GB ability following a heavy is the point for him atleast as its the same thing with the Raider, Conq etc etc and dont even consider telling me that you have never been GB'd then hit over and over again from full health to 0 in a few seconds while just standing there dazed because its happeneing to everyone and completely taking away a players ability to defend themselves in a combat game is just ridiculous hence the CD idea or the stacking stamina drain i mentioned which would give players the ability to defend simply by reducing their attackers ability to nullify their movement by constantly dazing them, or now thinking about it you could have the dazed/stunned state reduced in time after a GB so you actually have a chance of moving.

To the CGB suggestion, Ofcourse this is essential but CGB'ing in my experience is very situational and after you have been GB'd that first time and dazed thats it as you cant CBG whilst dazed and it also seems to have a dependency on char matchups (i dont know this but that is how it seems) for example, i have CBG'd many times just today but playing as the Peacekeeper it only works about 30% of the time against bigger opponents yet practically 60%+ against opponents like Nobu, if im playing as the Lawbringer however i can CBG with about 60-70% success rate against any opponent irrelevant of their size, as another example if i play as nobu my CGB rate is abysmal probably about 10% but parrying is alot easier (im assuming because of the size of her weapon and her speed) so again these things seem very situational depending on the char you have vs the char your against, their size which would assume strength relative to their size and i also assume since chars are different classes that theres some form of class specifics in determining these things, otherwise there would be no point in the different chars as they would all have the same speed, same damage, same stats etc so "just learn to CGB" doesnt really cover it as yes CBG is a good thing, when it works, but just because it doesnt work all the time doesnt mean that its broken like ive said this seems very situational.

However the main point of my OP was the fact that certain characters such as the Lawbringer as an example can literally burst you down from a 100% to 0 simply by using GB to daze you then hit you with a heavy which leads into another GB and repeat, during all this your stood in one place unable to move or CBG due to being dazed.


Yeah ive seen this a few times as well but as i just mentioned before this could come down to char matchup, if your char is considerably faster than your opponent your GB animation will probably be a faster one and if your quick enough with the CGB after seeing the indicator your characters animation might end up hitting first, Not saying this is why but it could be or at least its a theory.