View Full Version : Attacks not connecting on players that are on the floor?

11-15-2017, 04:57 AM
Is this a bug or was this a change for the raider?

I've only noticed this for the raider but not for any other character I use.

So I'm fighting a turtle and he calls for back up so I'm at 1v3 and i parry them when they all strike at me and 1 falls to the ground because he out of stamina and the other to get sent back just enough for me to target the one that fell he is the last one to fall so i have more time to deal with him than his teammates. So I go for a heavy and it goes over him even though I'm close to him and he's still on the ground and by the time i go for the second he blocks it and is up automatically because that's how all the heroes recover after they get thrown to the ground. My problem isn't with that it is with the the fact that my first heavy didn't connect even though I was right next to him. I haven't experienced this problem with any other character I use. Even if it's not a 1v3; it happens even when I'm giving some players their "fair fights" (Skirmish/Dominion) 1v1 they run out of stamina i drop them I'm close to them I do a heavy it goes over them; I figure it must be a bug because it doesn't do that to his light attacks when i sometimes input by accident (because of this button input patch from last season to "fix" flicker). I thought maybe it was the direction I attacked from so i tried doing a different heavy from top, left, or right it still doesen't connect.