View Full Version : Quest Log Filter and Replaying Missions

11-14-2017, 10:25 PM
Hi Ubi,
Are there any plans to add a filter function to the completed quests log?
It's really handy being able to sort active quests by distance/recommended level/most recent, and I think many of is would find it similarly useful to be able to sort completed quests in a similar way; (alphabetically/level/location etc.)

Also, as in other Assassin's titles where you could select a particular mission from a dna sequence, I would love to replay some of the missions. Although there's no 100% sync to individual missions to strive for, half the fun of replaying previously completed missions was not just to improve the sync, but because the missions themselves were really fun.

Please, please, PLEASE, consider adding these functions in with an update at some stage!