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11-14-2017, 08:43 PM
First off - apologies if you'd rather this was in the feedback thread and not a post on its own, feel free to move it if that's how the mods would prefer.

I have tested using an iRig Stomp - I've had this for a while and have been using it with Rocksmith on PC for a while, since it allows me to use my iPad to be a "Digitech Drop pedal" - (recent live stream comments not withstanding - this is actually something people want in game!) - this uses a TRRS connector with the headphone jack. It's slightly better than the basic iRig TRRS interface I've had for ages, because the stomp is powered and allows a cleaner signal / more boost to be applied to the input, while also having a pair of guitar outputs.

So far I've been unable to test the lightning / camera adaptor kit / RTC or Behringer UCG-102 usb interfaces options - but this is because I think my camera kit is toast - I'll get a new one soon and I'll test these options then.

I'm using an iPhone 5s (ME297LL/A on ios 11.0.3 and an iPad (MD515E/A) running 10.3.3.

A small caveat - most of these screen caps were taken on my iPad a few days before the iPhone support update came out - so if minor things have been tweaked that I haven't noticed before posting this - I apologise.


Nice question, but when I select YES to both, the game still gives me every song at the lowest possible levels. I can see why it'd do this for someone that selected no, but why bother with the question (unless it just skips videos) if the user still needs to crank the levels up to an appropriate level manually? Even playing 2 of the included tracks perfectly and letting DD do it's thing - my starting level on songs was only about the 40% mark. Would it be feasible to add some RM like options somewhere so that it auto gives me the tracks at a level I define and ramps down quickly if needed?


Not exactly the most informative screen around - I can see what was intended, but "New Music This Week" could be added to a little with some info on what tracks were added maybe? In this eg, the top line when selected shows Black Keys song packs - why not just list them on the title, "New Music This Week - The Black Keys".


I found this area quite easy to navigate and intuitive to use on the iPad - but borderline impossible on the iPhone.


This notice amuses me. Every TRRS connection device I know of for iToys has a headphone plug on it - that has to be used since speakers are disabled. Why do low gain tones matter if someone has headphones on? If devices I don't know of exist then fine, but how about an option here instead of an instruction?

I originally tried with my original iRig interface, and using this I couldn't hear my own guitar the first 3 or 4 times I played. The next time it re-calibrated, I got a constant feedback noise that only went away after unplugging my headphones. Perhaps my iRig is faulty - I have had it quite a while and they are cheap junk in the first place - or perhaps this is the basis of this notice, but I felt it worth mentioning. I've had no such issues with my iRig Stomp - and that connects to the iDevice the exact same way.


This makes sense for people that've never seen Rocksmith before - but again, this is after I've told the software that I'm pretty familiar with it. How about a "don't show again" option with this at the very least?


Cute addition.


Can we get the option to get rid of this? I'm sure tons of time has been devoted to it working right and is intended to make the new user experience better, but really - for an experienced RS user - who cares it just clutters the UI - and on the iPhone at least, that screen real-estate could be much better used.

I should probably mention here that I'm a little infamous in other RS discussion areas for wanting aspects of the 2014/RM interface removed too. Tone change animations in LAS? Let me turn them off - they add nothing. Having said that, my main peave about RM, is the crowd/loft and the iOs display with a pure black background works really well. I know this is a performance decision, not necessarily design - but I don't care, if I could disable the crowd/loft in RM - I would too.

I like that an option to remove lyrics has been included (again - give me this on RM please?) but since none of the free tracks have lyrics - I can't really comment on how intrusive they are on normal tracks. (I'm not in Canada so won't be buying dlc until the worldwide release)

What other things about the iOs version currently seem odd to me?

The default audio levels might be worth looking at, I've had to drop track audio to about 25% to make my own guitar audible in the mix.

The most obvious thing is the lack of ability to skip the tuner completely. I can't see the highway at all without having a guitar connected or the microphone detecting one. Why does this matter? Well the calibration phase requires you to play 50x louder than you would when actually playing tracks, making any benefits of headphone use while kids are sleeping for eg, at-least partially limited. Oh, it asks me to calibrate every time I play - that seems like something that could be done away with too - at least for the non-microphone modes since presumably, any cable connected method is going to be fairly consistent per user.

The Disconnected mode that came with Remastered was a good call - I feel like the iOs version is lacking a needed feature with its absence, particularly given the portable nature of the platform. 1 partial reason for this, ironically is actually using it in a non-portable fashion, that is, with an AppleTV. Stream the track music and video to the TV and play along "disconnected". This kind of thing would be pretty good for showing friends what its all about. My phone, their TV, guitar and couch.

I have to say however - I get why everyone wanted iOs version compatible on an iphone - but wow is it unusable in its current state.
I feel like the iPhone version needs its own ui - not just the shrunken screen display version of the iPad ui - which is quite nice on the iPad to be fair - but Riff Repeater on the iPhone is a massive PITA to use. It took me fully 30 seconds of trying to get it to register that I was trying to move the area selection arrows to be able to turn the DD up to 100%.

These are my thoughts after about an hour with the software. I may add more later after I've had a bit more time to play wit it.

11-15-2017, 01:50 AM
SUPER HELPFUL! Thank you for taking the time to dig in and offer this kind of detailed feedback -- this is going to the team and we'll discuss all the points and concerns you've raised. Really appreciate it.

11-15-2017, 02:15 AM
.... this is going to the team and we'll discuss all the points and concerns you've raised. Really appreciate it.

Happy to answer any questions here (if I ever get a notification - I don't usually stop by here that frequently) or on Discord.

11-30-2017, 05:16 PM
v0.99 update, iPad tried only, haven't bothered with iPhone yet. Using iRig stomp still.

I actually got to spend some time playing the game the other night, not just browsing for the sake of seeing what its about, below are my thoughts after about 2 hours and 3 beers with it at around midnight while my wife and daughter were sleeping.

First thing I'll mention that may not be a top priority to correct, but if the ap is going to get regular updates, probably should be looked at; is that when the ap updates, it doesn't remember that you've signed into an account - or that you've answered all the start up questions before. Perhaps this is an artefact of the testing phase, but its a nuisance now, that would be best corrected.


Even when you do finally get the option to sign into your account, it remembers that I've done so previously on this device - but clicking my saved user name doesn't sign me into that account, it just brings this up;


making me enter email and password again. (Minor additional gripe - why when a password is required does no-one list what their password requirements are? It'd make it much easier for users to remember what they've done to, or which one of their normal use passwords is needed for this service)

Once this is completed it returns back to the initial loading screens, meaning the start up - sign in - reload everything phase takes MUCH longer than can be rationally justified. Can we get the "choose your user" option before too much additional stuff is loaded (or even let it load in the background while you sit on a user selection screen - ps, the PC version needs this as well!) - so it doesn't need to be re-loaded and therefore hopefully reduce the total time from deciding to play to being able to play?

I will say that second opening after the update doesn't have this issue and loaded me in with the correct user account - it was just the first load after the update that had this problem.

The NEWS screen hasn't changed, so my points in the earlier post are still relevant here.


The first time I played the Rhythm path on Brannan Street Blues - the song results screen looked like this for at least a minute. It did eventually resolve to showing the correct info - but I was seriously considering closing the application since I thought it had crashed on me.

The screenshot shows that the mastery % has been "updated" in the background, but the actual results took for ever to show on the main screen.
This was the first track I had tried playing after the update, I had not previously played this song on this device before the update.

I wasn't able to re-create this issue and the next 10 song playthroughs (on different tracks/paths) had no issues displaying the results, but I thought this was worth mentioning here.

This was the results screen when it finally loaded.

On the results screen, the Rocksmith points part may need some clarification;
Play Rewards and Bonuses have figures beside them, but the First Song Played / Song Completed / Result / Total Days / Play Count don't - I assume the intent here is a little bit of gamification - trying to get people to want to get a higher Rocksmith Score figure, so if that is the case, put a zero where no bonus is given - or show me the figure each line corresponds to. As it stands in that screen shot, 5 of the 7 lines serve no purpose.


The FREE SONG notification is nice, but can the notice be removed once the item in question has been claimed please? Screen real-estate is at a premium here and on the ipad it is annoying, on the iphone I fear this would drive me insane.


Another minor thing and it may not be wanted for whatever reason, but I'll throw the suggestion out there anyway - can the download indicator give an idea of how large the download will be? Edge case user issue perhaps, but I know if this was available when I was travelling tons for work - and staying in hotels on metered wifi connections - I'd like to know how large a download is before I hit it. Make it a checkbox in the options somewhere perhaps to avoid cluttering the UI for people that it doesn't matter to.

I went through what I assume is shown if you say you've never played Rocksmith before and I quite like the slides presentation of the key points,


This slide in particular is being saved and I think I'll be linking it in the /rocksmith reddit group 3 times a week - since so many people seem to have missed this part of the instructional series.

One thing I did notice in the little "Rocksmith Suggests" parts at the bottom of loading screens - but was too slow to grab a screen cap - was a reference to the 60 day challenge. I thought the 60DC was dead, if it's being resurrected then great - if not, maybe consider removing this tip.

Those are some comments on my experience on the ipad on Monday night. Overall I was quite happy with the experience. I still thought the calibration process had me playing much harder and louder than I ever do in any song and isn't ideal for doing in a quiet house, but the sound quality was great.

While the DLC options on iOS are increasing constantly and there are some good choices there, I checked and decided that if I could buy DLC today (my main itunes account isn't in Canada), I'd only want to buy 4 of the currently available songs for my ipad. This would likely be different if I didn't have a lot of the DLC on Steam to be fair, therefore knowing what songs I like to play / want to really get down. I get it, music licensing is hard, but that got me thinking - what could you get me to part with some more cash for?

What I would pay for, knowing that the idea is the base game be free and money is made from dlc is some of the guitarcade games.

I'd pay $10 for String Skip Saloon, Ducks and Ninja Slide as dlc for ios. Happily. (incidentally these 3 alone would make the ap more attractive to schools but that is another conversation)

I'm not much of a fan of the other games, so could live without them - but those 3 form part of my regular routine (and often suggested on reddit that others play them too) (https://www.reddit.com/r/rocksmith/comments/7e5s7f/for_a_brand_new_player_what_would_your/dq3nzl5/).

I won't go into new games that are "needed" (and would happily buy as dlc on steam too) and I have no idea if its technically possible to get the guitarcade games as we know them even functioning on ios - but I'd buy those ones if they were an option.

11-30-2017, 06:26 PM
Thanks again, ZagatoZee! This update has been shared with the team.

12-06-2017, 12:51 AM
iPhone 5s ME297LL/A on ios 11.1.2

As mentioned above in my v0.99 iPad comments, the app doesn't remember who was signed in during an update. I decided to time it today from launch of app (says up to date in app store - update installed yesterday).

From launch,
to calibrate,
to find out how to sign into my existing account (it seems this can only be done by the marketplace / choosing to buy the free song - you can't click on "Guest" or the icons nearby to get to a user sign in option???),
to reloading of app,
to actually reaching the tuning page for a song I was ready to play,
took me 11 minutes.

Maybe 3 of that was me faffing about trying to work out how to get to the user sign in page again, but I'm sure we can agree that it would be beneficial if this could be tweaked a little.


I find the information on this very hard to read on the iPhone. I get that there isn't much I NEED to read, the visual indicators are adequate for someone familiar with Rocksmith, but it seems to me that too much dead/black space is used here. I assume the Gibson headstock shape is a branding thing and for contractual reasons needs to be in the frame, but I feel this whole screen could be 50% larger and still "fit". The only thing on the screen that requires user interaction is the CALIBRATE button - so I'm not seeing much in the way of downsides to making this larger. Even if you can press on a tuning key to re-tune just that string (I haven't tried if this is possible but it sounds logical) it being larger isn't going to hurt.

From a technical point, the tuning confirmation / feedback seems to almost lag behind what I'm used to from the PC version. Like the confirmation doesn't come through until the guitar has sustained out to the point of silence.
I consciously noticed this first when I was using an Epiphone LP Special II connected via iRig Stomp that had just been calibrated on launch.

Not an insane problem by any means, but as a 99% Rocksmith user on PC, it nearly had me reaching for the tuning pegs to give them a preemptive tweak, since I thought it was going to do the PC thing and take me back to the fine tuner.

I later tried with a nylon string acoustic in microphone mode and it seemed the same. The only difference I could say between the 2 was that the tuning in microphone mode seemed overly generous. I have a TC Electronics polytune clip on the headstock of my nylon string and that was telling me I was still well out of tune on 4 of the 6 strings (it was only just showing a hint of the green, but still predominantly red bands) while Rocksmith was happy to accept them.

Should player stats / %'s stay persistent across the 1 user, with multiple devices?
I'm not seeing any evidence that the results I got on the iPad are tied to my Ubi account - and I find that weird.
I imagine it isn't much of an edge user case this time. It wouldn't be that uncommon for a user to have an iPhone and an iPad and have the same app on both devices, expect their DLC to be on both, so would likely expect any scores or mastery %'s they get to also sync across the devices.

As I alluded to in my original feedback about the iPhone version, I found the UI very difficult to actually select what I want.
How much of this is the way the iPhone 5s detects the accuracy of a finger touch, how much of it is the size of the area Rocksmith allows for a detection I don't know - but I can't for the life of me select the sliders in Riff Repeater with a natural finger touch, I have to use the very tip of my finger for anything to accurately register.

Perhaps this is a user issue and I'm just a caveman, but I feel the UI on iPhone in general needs everything you'd touch on to be double the size it is currently. This would require a substantial reworking of most of the UI, and I know that probably isn't likely at this stage of development, so perhaps some directed points would be better.

The arrows for selections in RR need addressed. Of course including an over-ride to max option somewhere would mask the issue to some extent and make me happy, but isn't ultimately a fix for the problem.
The dots for the sliders (0-100% DD for eg) seem reasonably responsive and ok as is.

The icons on the left of the songs pages, for Songs/lessons/shop/tuner/settings could do with a doubling in size too.
There is a tonne of dead space (approx 35% of the available screen width) between the Song/artist titles and year/length/tuning information on the left and the favourites / mastery % areas on the right. If this dead space was reduced slightly the icons on the left could be made more usable without significantly affecting the rest of the UI design. I know there is some science behind space in UI design - but when the function becomes impaired as a result of aesthetics - something needs to be changed.

The Search and "Sort by" icons in the top right of the SONGS page could do with being looked at. Similar to the Featured / Songs / Packs headers in the store might work better without a total rework of the UI.
While I'm on the "sort by" menu, I get that using the default - full screen menu type that Apple has for list functions - may not be as "on brand" as your own UI, but it works. The "sort by" menu in game - on the iphone - isn't as friendly to use at all. Especially given the landscape orientation of the software. With 11 options in that menu and the small screen height in landscape, this menu seems like it'll be a "set once and forget" option as opposed to the "functional way of sorting content" it is on other platforms.

The OK button on the lower right of the results screen could do with being easier to press too.

As I've said before, these gripes are specific to the iphone with its smaller screen. I love the UI on a larger ipad, but on the iphone, I just can't get to grips with it.

01-18-2018, 04:29 PM
Doesn't work for me on my iPhone (SE) but it is nearly full in terms of memory. Would love to try it on an iPad and when I finally upgrade my phone.

01-18-2018, 05:30 PM
Doesn't work for me on my iPhone (SE) but it is nearly full in terms of memory. Would love to try it on an iPad and when I finally upgrade my phone.

Does it just fail to launch on your iPhone? Are there any other details you'd be willing to provide?

Edit: is it the A1723 model?

02-19-2018, 08:05 PM
v 0.99.31

Testing this time using the lightning / usb 3 camera kit to connect a Behringer UCG-102 (genuine, not clone) on my iPad (MD515E/A) running 10.3.3 (TL:DR version, certainly a usable option!)

Updated then launched, it went into the new player experience again, without giving me the ability to sign into my account until after it had made me calibrate etc.

When it did then allow me to sign in, the Facebook account integration etc, seemed to work as would be expected - however because I was using a different input device to my previous plays on that account, it made me calibrate again.

It seems odd that the calibration wasn't kept from the calibration done 5 minutes before, in the same play "Session",
Net result? Just short of 10 minutes from when I plugged in the guitar to being able to play a song. I know part of that is the ipad being relatively slow, but loading the game and interface then calibrating twice after every update could get tedious if frequent updates are applied after the software goes to a wider market.

I feel like it should be prompting the user to sign into, or create a RS account before it lands on the "New Player Experience" (or whatever term you use for it) to possibly avoid some of this hassle.


THANKYOU. That is all that needs to be said here I think.


I still think the Rocksmith Points section of the results screen could do with some love. The lines with no figure beside them serve no purpose as it currently stands. If you want to gamefy the experience, then put a zero beside lines that have no bonus applied and a figure for the ones that do. (or a big red X like the score attack strikes maybe)

Candycrush gets people playing daily by giving them small, in game bonuses for returning every day. 10 days straight and you get a better bonus.
Obviously iOS RS could only do so much, inlays etc - since there is no venue to "upgrade" like on other versions of RS14/RM, but perhaps unlocking 100 otherwise pointless inlays might be enough?
Are there any other songs you have access to that could only be unlocked after X days of an hour a day, etc? (ahem - https://suffererband.bandcamp.com/releases, or the rest of the Bachsmith packs maybe?)

Perhaps just listing the figures for your daily bonus or daily streak would be enough, but as it stands now, I don't know what I'm not getting, by not playing every day (this is purely about the points / gameification system at the moment, obviously I know the genuine benefits of playing every day).


The NEWS tab appears broken and has done for a few updates.

The latest entry that shows for me is "This Week's New Music - 11/28/2017" (The TSO pack).
I've listed before what I think could be tweaked with this page and perhaps that is part of what is going on at the moment, but thought it worth mentioning.

P.S. - Can we be given the option to see dates in the format that is most logical to us? When the release goes global, seeing dates only in the US format is going to get annoying to, well just about everyone in the world that isn't in the USA, really quickly. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_format_by_country)


I've made my issues with the "Free Song Banner" before, so just take this as a "consider revising this request" again. I wonder if scrolling the RS recommends items here wouldn't be a better use of the space, if the user already has the free item?

Game / Audio wise. (Testing this time using the apple lightning to usb 3 camera kit to connect a Behringer UCG-102 (genuine, not clone) on my iPad (MD515E/A) running 10.3.3, tested without external power being attached.)

The calibration was asking me to turn up the guitar louder or to check my cable gain settings while calibrating. It still managed to calibrate, so it isn't a game killer, just something to get used to. Perhaps an issue caused by the nature of my previous connection method (iRig stomp - an externally powered device with a gain control on it)

There was a slightly audible hiss when things were quiet - but that is a common complaint about the UCG-102 anyway, so not likely to be anything that can be fixed by the game. Certainly a very usable option and likely to be my preferred connection method in future.

A solid update team, I can't wait for the V1.0 to go worldwide.

When I have a bit of time later I might try it on the iPhone with the UCG and the Real Tone Cable for comparisons. I'll report back if I have anything to add then.