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11-14-2017, 06:22 AM
Dear For Honor Team,
I pre-ordered the game and have enjoyed it ever since release. I took a liking to Warden, however, I soon came to like berserker and became devoted Viking. The improvements in this game have been amazing so far and I canít wait to see what is still to come for the future of For Honor. In my opinion, most characters are well balanced, and even while playing against unhonorables, beatable. There are a few arguements that you have probably heard, maybe about centurion, shinobi, and gladiator. I main berserker and am one of the most honorable players out there, so now I will get to my point. The berserker chain finisher deals massive damage, but overall, I think it needs a few more features. The only real things that stand out for such an amazing character are the unlimited chain and heavy chain finisher. However, the berserker does not consist of many counters, no stun attacks, charges, or unblockables. With shaman and aramusha bringing many new attacks and skills, I would appreciate a berserker buff, not adding any damage or sorts, but maybe adding a stun attack or maybe something like turning head slicer into an unblockable. I am sorry to bother you with this, but I would appreciate it if you could take this into consideration, many other berserker mains would as well. The character is very easily countered, parried, and the deflect is not nearly as affective as other assassins. One more less important thing. I saw that the shaman has an hatchet throw execution, I have been waiting for the axe throw to show up in berserker executions for a long time. I was so exited to see drunk punch was added, it is an utterly amazing execution, but I was really anticipating an axe throw execution. With that said, the majority of berserker executions decapitate the enemy right off the bat and ar every quick, as an assassin, that is needed sometimes. However, now we will be able to carry 4 executions and therefore, more interesting and drawn out executions (such as drunk punch) would be very appreciated for moments in battle where we have the time. If you read this, I would like to give my sincerest thanks to you all, I hope some of my suggestions are considered.
Sincerely, Helvar of the Warborn Clans

11-14-2017, 10:02 AM
They are reworking some Characters at the moment, but I do not think that Berserker is one of them. And, tbh, you fail to see the good things of Berserker:
1. Hyperarmor on 2nd consecutive hit -> no other Assassin has Hyperarmor except Shinobi in his Kick (which is a bit OP anyway).
2. Berserker has probably the best Deflect of all Assassins as it gets him a guaranteed, automatic, Guard-Break. Berserker gets a guaranteed side-heavy from GB (e.g. PK does not get a heavy off a GB), and if a wall is nearby you even get a guaranteed top-heavy off the wall-splat.

Yes, he is not top tier right now, but he is not as terrible as you think. I have played against Berserkers that play feint-heavy-mindgames and I have to admit that I got outplayed several times.

I have met some really good Berserkers who beat the sht out of me

11-14-2017, 11:53 AM
Just found this: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1786304-A-Question-to-Ubisoft

Yes, some of the original characters are in line for reworks! The first set will be Berserker, Conqueror, and Kensei. If an Orochi rework does occur, unfortunately it won't be in the first "set." I can't give you many specifics regarding timing right now, but I hope this helps. Glad to have you back! :)

Patience young Padawan, your Berserker is in the first set of reworks.