View Full Version : Concerns for season 4

11-14-2017, 05:08 AM
Since the new character drop tomorrow I thought I should give my thoughts on it. First things first, holy hell. The difference in availability in combat with the two is insane. And even though they're not out it's easy to tell from the few hours of gameplay I've watched that shaman is way to strong and Aramusha is extremely underwhelming (regardless I'm still gonna play him) from my understanding he has one of the weakest punishes from gb for reasons I have no idea. And his dodge is almost laughable compared to shamans or any other characters. But I'm not just complaining I have some ideas to fix each a little to be on fair grounds with the rest of the heroes and it starts with giving aramusha a heavy on gb and give him further throwing distance. Slow down Shamans sprint speed because she is just way too fast, and also get rid of blood trance and the hp you get from a bite it's bad enough you're gonna be bleeding all round no need to add this feature when no one likes it from what I've heard.
Other than all that I'm excited for S4 and hope to see these changes added as soon as the team can.