View Full Version : Map Visibility Issues

11-13-2017, 05:25 AM
Hello all,

Just want to say first Im loving the game so far.
One issue I came here to report, though, is that Im having a lot of issues with map navigation. I am color deficient and having a very hard time navigating the map. The brighter spots blend in with the icons and I was hoping you folks could add in some sort of alternate mode to make everything on the map a little more visible. Either a size or color change to the icons or a non topography version would suffice. Just something to make it easier on those of us with smaller TVs or bad eyes. Even a further zoom would help Id imagine.


11-18-2017, 11:09 AM
I agree completely. I too am visually impaired and it is incredibly difficult to see the white icons on the light areas of the map. Can we please have some alternative colors for the map markers, and for the compass display? I have to turn the view towards the ground to find the white icons on the bright horizons and if they were a better contrast this would be much easier on us that are visually handicapped.

Also, if at all possible, make those icons that are still incomplete a different color than those that we have already finished. Having a better completion identifier would make finding the places we have not cleared much easier. I realize that the wording inside these changes from white to gold, but that still requires me to check each one as I search the map for those still left to visit.