View Full Version : bug/Glitch Daily Mission " Missing Worker " .. PS4

11-13-2017, 12:44 AM
Hi ..

I encountered issue with completing " Missing worker " Daily Mission I completed it then when objective says speak to Reda The mission marker was under map near Pyramids !!! I fast travel hoping game would refresh or fix itself ..
but guess what !!! Mission disappears from my quests and it's gone !!! I tried to restart the game and router and restart the console still the same .. that was this morning around 8 AM now its next day 2 AM before it End in 3 AM my time and start new quest still the same ..

it actually happened before to me but with playing another quest .. fast travel Mission back .. Now this one disappeared .. So annoying considering that I did actually completed the mission only speak to Reda part to found that mission disappeared also considering the fact that what he gave you is precious !!! so you don't want to miss a day and play the daily missions for that .. also I googled the issue same exact and all sites Reddit says the same with this mission " Missing worker " and Also other Daily Missions ..

I tweeted that to Ashraf Ismail and AC and Ubisoft Support on twitter ,, and because this is common bug .. I hope you already know that and planning to fix it ..

with that said .. daily Mission Wasted and I cannot blame myself ,, after half hour when updating to new quest hopefully I face not the same !!!

Daily quests and Reda in General Needs a lot of improvements ..